Friday, August 07, 2009

The day I had to make a decision as a Mommy AND Wifey.....

After the delivery at about 5:45a.m, DR came in to check my stitches. Midwife had to call the DR because I was still bleeding heavily after being stitched. DR said it is normal because I had urinary infection the night before so it's just a matter of time for the blood to settle down. At about 6:30a.m, after the nurse had weighed and thoroughly checked Khairaldin, he was passed to me to start my breastfeeding session. I didn't get the chance to do a skin-to-skin contact with Khairaldin because his temperature was low. So they had to put him under the heater for a while. So I took baby to start the feeding session but he didn't want any milk. I think the reason being was because Hubby did "tahnik" on him. So he had kurma & zamzam as soon as he was cleaned up. I then put baby back in his crib and had some rest. About 11a.m. nurse came in to check whether I had feed Khairaldin. I told her that he didn't want any so I just let him sleep. According to midwife I have to force boobies at his face. So I/we did. He still didn't latch on. At that time they were already worried and asked me to do skin-to-skin with Khairaldin. So I did. But he ended up sleeping on my breasts! We left him on there for a bit just so that he could smell the milk. Nothing could wake him up at this point in time. We left him on the breast while we had some rest. About 2p.m the nurse came in again. This time she expressed some of my milk and tried to put the baby on. He still didn't want to wake up!! To me, whenever he's on the breast, it means he had some of my milk. So I told the nurse that he's drank a bit about 11+. So they left me in the room while they looked for another room for us to transfer to. At about 4-5p.m, we were dischrged from the labour ward. (It was a full hospital on that day, they reckon it was full moon. Hahaha. They even had to shut the hospital because they didn't have enough rooms.) My brothers came to visit when I was in the postnatal ward. They asked me what time I could go home but I said I'm not sure. You see, the nurses they expect you to know everything!!!! So my brother asked the nurse what time I can be discharged. They said they have no rights on admitting me if I don't want to be in there but they still have notes saying that baby hasn't breastfed properly so they have to monitor. So I thought, OK fine, I'll stay in for another night. No harm done. Everyone then went home and expecting us back the next day.

Suddenly, at about 9p.m a nurse came in and said "fathers are not allowed to stay in postnatal wards! they have to go home NOW!". Iskandar and I was asleep then. And we were really shcoked to hear such things. I mean come on, we've went through this whole thing (pregnancy &delivery) together and when the baby is with us, we have to sleep seperately???? I thought that was a bit harsh! I was still recovering from the stitch and they expect me to walk and get my baby on my own when I have to nurse him?? That's mean!!!!! But I said, if they insist on him going home then I have no choice but to stay in for the night. After all, they need to monitor the way I feed Khairaldin. After saying that to Iskandar, both of us just broke down and cry!!! It's such an emotional night for us. (I had a reason to be because my hormones were haywire. hehehehe But hubby, well lets just say he's just tooooo sweet!). His tears just started flowing and we were just hugging each other and don't know what to do. Bare in mind the hospital is just 5 minutes away. But we just couldn't let go of each other. Then I finally decided to call the nurse. I told the nurse that if Hubby can't stay on the ward with me then I wanna go home with him NOW! So the nurse said, sorry but he can'st stay on because there will be other moms on the ward and they will be breastfeeding. So I said, I wanna go home with my baby. That was about 10p.m. One of the nurses came in to double check that I really wanted to go home then she did say that if I go home they won't be able to check whether baby is feeding ok or not. At that point I thought, "how hard can it be to feed a baby?". So I said that's OK, I can cope. So she then discharged me. We then went home and started our very own li'l family.

Little did I be continued. :-)

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