Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthday party preparation... No fun!

I have been superrrrrrr busy and I'm not liking it a tiny li'l bit! Remember how I wanted Khairaldin's birthday to be small and closed? Well I achieved that but having a huge family to begin with doesn't help that much. Heheh I've been super busy preparing stuff for his party which is not more than 15 guests and I'm already shattered! Out of that 15, 7 of them are family members! Hahaha so that's why I didn't bother to invite anyone else. However, since I'm staying with my parents, it's only fair for them to also invite some of their friends. So Mom's invited her friends and Dad's only just invited the neighbours. That's how the 15 came about.

I've told myself that from next year onwards, all I'm gonna do is to bring the family out for dinner and then just do absolutely nothing at home or in bed!!! Parties are fun and all but having to prepare the stuff is definitely not all that. I thought doing BBQ was an easy way out since I can't be bothered to cook. But apparently there's just as much work to do as cooking!! So, never again!
(But never say never). We are only doing this because we've always had Summer BBQ ever since I can remember. Since Khairaldin's born in Summer, we continued this tradition till now. Past 7 years it was my brother who held the BBQ for his daugther's birthday but since Khairaldin's birthday comes first, we decided to hold it this year. :)

Anyway, the only thing I hate about the preparation is that I have to be away from Khairaldin for a while. Imagine 3 hours away from him just today. I felt so guilty!!! It's okay baby boy, I'll let u redeem that 3 hours by waking up every now and then to "feed". He's always been with me allll the time and having to let Iskandar take care of him just makes me feel so bad.

Here's a promise to myself, birthdays are meant to be a day to spoil the baby with lots of love, big cuddles and kisses!!!!!!!! Not in the kitchen for 3 hours! :( So, from now onwards, just stay in bed and reminisce the fond memories. :)
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Monday, June 21, 2010


This date last year, was supposed to be Khairaldin's estimated due date (EDD). When I told my Mom about it, the first thing that came to her mind was "it's also your late brother's birthday :)". I bit my tongue and celebrated silently. You see, my Mom had all of us at 7 months. We were all premature except for my youngest brother- 9 months cycle. Alhamdulillah all of us survived in the incubator for the next 2 months. As for my late brother, he was given birth at 6 months+ and survived for 2 days. My parents always talked about him. They always reminded us of him and according to them, "he's a heaven's child". I had no doubt about that. There must be a reason why Allah took him away from us. Even though my parents talked about him that much, I always took him for granted. I never knew his birthday until the day I found out my EDD. I believe that Allah works in mysterious way and this is one of His many ways to get me to remember my late brother's birth/existance.

I really admire my parents' strength and determination. Even after losing their 2nd baby, they never gave up to have more. If it were to be me, I'd be so heartbroken. But Alhamdulillah, with Allah's will, they managed to have 4 other babies after that. I feel so blessed to have a brother watching over me from Heaven. :) Mom said that Heaven babies would always ask Allah if the person who's passed away was a relative of His. As they've been wanting to meet up with their family members. Abg Soleh, Insha'Allah we'll meet someday :).

Gosh, I can't believe how much I'm crying right now even though I don't know him personally. I truly miss him and wonder what it'd be like if he's around. But Abg Soleh, you're always in our heart, soul and prayers. I pray that we'll meet one day. Amin!!


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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Giveaways and Thank Yous!!

Aishah (Radhi Allahu Anha) said, the Messenger of Allah (Salallahu Alaihi Wassalam) is reported to have said, "Give presents to one another, for a present removes hatred." (Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud)

I'm sooooo excited to do this giveaway! I know the present ain't much but the thought of giving presents to people is just so much F.U.N!!!! I've been cracking my head thinking of what to give to this ONE lucky person and in the end I decided to give a 'his' and 'hers' keychain (click on picture to enlarge) + another gift for the baby. Reason I chose to give these presents is because:

1) 90% of my readers are either married with child(ren) or married. So it's fair to give something 'his' and 'hers'. Having said that, doesn't mean the other 10% can't take part in this giveaway. You can always give it to ur Mom or whoever, really. :) So, do join the fun!

2) The keychain was also the first 'cute' thing I saw when I thought of doing this giveaway.

3) I love shopping baby's stuff so I have to get something for the baby too. Again, if you don't have a child, you can always give it to your nephew, niece or cousins. :) By the way, I haven't bought the gift for the 'baby' because I need to know the age and sex of the baby. Then I can shop for something interesting.

See, I've always wanted to do a giveaway coz I appreciate every visit and comment I get from my friends, readers and silent readers. At first I wanted to do it when my counter marked 1000 visitors but before I know it, it's now about 2500 visitors and counting! I know, not much for some but for me, that's a lot! :) I decided to blog merely to jot down and share my experiences as a wife, mother and someone living far away from her 'born and bred' country. I want Khairaldin to read this blog when he's big enough to know how much FUN we've gone through having to raise him. Also not to forget, some stuff about our perfect & lovely religion-Islam. :) Since some of you find it enjoyable and leave such thoughtful comments I thought I MUST say THANK YOU and do a giveaway to show my appreciation. Seeing that I am a SAHM, I don't have a lot of money to buy each and every one of you appreciation gift :D. Hence this humble giveaway :) Guess this is the only way I can say THANKS a bunch you lovely people!!!!!!!

Anyway, enough with the sappy thoughts. Here's what and when you have to do it to get these gifts:

  • What? Since this blog is a diary for Khairaldin so he can look back and see what Mommy's said about him, it would be lovely if you all can also jot some 'words or advices' for him so he can get to know Mommy's (virtual) friends when he can read and understand.
  • When? Closing date is on the 26th June at 12:01am Malaysia time. So, get started lovies!!! ;)
  • Who? It's open to ALL of you! The gift will be posted regarless of where you are.
  • How is the lucky person being picked? I will be reading the entries and will choose the best 5 entries. Since it's 'words and advices' for Khairaldin, he will then randomly pick the name by himself!!!!! I'll video it for all of you to watch. Do leave me a valid e-mail address so I can contact you to let you know you're the winner!! :) I will also need it to know the baby's age and sex.
Ps: I'm gonna moderate the comments because I need your email addresses. Let me know if you're ok for me to publish your comments or not. :)

Heeeeeee, so excited to know the lucky person!!!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Giveawayyyyyyy! Soon....

Hey girls!!

I'm so sorry for not doing the giveawayS yet! I'm soooooo gonna do it tomorrow, Insha'Allah. I thought I could cope with organising Khairaldin's birthday and doing the countdown etc. Hehe But apparently not. Since that most of the agendas been ticked off, I'll get right to it tomorrow! Wait up and make sure you take part. Thanks for checking everyday for updates. I appreciate much.


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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Raja Iskandar Iva HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to our dearest Khalid Khairaldin. Our prayers that you will grow up to be amongst the great lads, Ameen!! We love you so very much!! Lots and lots of love, big hugs and sloppy kisses- Abah&Mommy! xoxoxox ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    • Jik Es amin =)
      16 June at 03:53 · ·
    • Ahmad Fadhly Hosni aminnn...happy birthday khairaldin!!... ;)
      16 June at 03:57 · ·
    • Shadila Halid he's 1!!! awww happy birthday to ur baby boy, iva!! :)
      16 June at 03:59 · ·
    • Nadhira Raja happy birthday khiraldin. Hugs n kisses xoxo
      16 June at 04:16 · ·
    • ZaiKrek Aziz hepi birthday baby khairaldin!!.. muahh :)
      16 June at 04:50 · ·
    • Siti Mariam Azaman Happy birthday to Khairaldin :)
      16 June at 05:38 · ·
    • Sharifah Nurulqamar happy birthday khalid!! hope to see u soon someday
      16 June at 06:11 · ·
    • Nadhiah Noran Happy birthday to you Khalid Khairaldin~!!
      Enjoy your special day babe~!! :))
      ♥ hugss n kisses!
      16 June at 06:12 · ·
    • Azlin Mokhtar Happy birthday Khalid from your uncle Sani n aunty Alin, Kak Liyana, Kak Alisha, Abg Aqil n Abg Haziq
      16 June at 08:42 · ·
    • Abir Arif happy birthday khairaldin!!
      16 June at 08:52 · ·
    • Abir Arif arif: moga Allah jadikan de anak yang soleh dan bermanfaat pada umat..amin..
      16 June at 09:42 · ·
    • Raja Iskandar Iva Amin!! Thank you all for the wishes and prayers!! Will see all of you when Khairaldin turns 1 year and 4 months, Insha'Allah. Not long to go :) xoxo
      16 June at 10:28 · ·
    • Raja Nurmaria Murni Happy Birthday Khairaldin!!!
      16 June at 11:24 · ·
    • Raja Aishah Raja Adnan happy birthday khairaldin ... with lotsa love...!
      16 June at 12:55 · ·
    • Tunku Mharhainees Happy Birthday Khairaldin!!! big hugs and kisses from aunty Anees too!!!
      16 June at 13:22 · ·
    • Raja Farah Amina happy birthday khairaldin =)
      16 June at 15:49 · ·
    • Rachael Johnson Happy Birthday Khairaldin!! Hope you all have a wonderful day xxx
      16 June at 15:55 · ·
    • Raja Nabila Raja Aziz Sent my birthday wish to Khairaldin!!! Happy Birthday, Khairaldin!!
      16 June at 16:12 · ·
    • Syazrina Ismail Happy Birthday to Khalid Khairaldin!! :)
      16 June at 16:41 · ·
    • Jaja Shah happy bday darling Khalid.see u guys next week ya
      16 June at 18:04 · ·
    • Ungku Alia Happy Birthday Khairaldin dear!!!!! Kejap je dh 1 year old! Geram!!! Comellll!!!!!
      16 June at 18:21 · ·
    • Norelyza Beby Ismail Selama harijadi khairaldin!wanna see pict!iva,tag me k
      16 June at 20:00 · ·
    • Raja Iskandar Iva Thanks again everyone!! Love you all lotsss!!

      Kak Elly: celebration today for practise je ;) he realy party is next weekend. hehehe
      16 June at 22:56 · ·
    • Hakim Dilla happy birthday baby khalid..... cant wait to see ur birthday party pictures.... goodluck mommy and abah...
      17 June at 02:18 · ·
    • Kamil Raja happy bday khalid! i owe u a present! :)
      17 June at 02:20 · ·
    • Kisha Smith happy birthday little one
      17 June at 02:25 · ·

Mohammed S Mirza Happy Birthday to baby Khairaldin, 1 years old already :)

16 June at 20:34 · · · See Wall-to-Wall

    • Raja Iskandar Iva Thank you Uncle Mo! Yes, I am a big boy now, Alhamdulillah. :)

      Any big events/news I should know? ;)
      16 June at 22:50 · ·
Raja Iskandar Iva

Raja Iskandar Iva gotta start cooking for Khairaldin's mini birthday celebration :)

16 June at 17:32 via Facebook for BlackBerry Friends only · ·
Izamy Eilan Azlina

Izamy Eilan Azlina happy birthday to khairaldin from amin, his cousin eilan and me. We love u....

16 June at 14:48 · · · See Wall-to-Wall

    • Raja Iskandar Iva Thank you Aunty Nana and family :) Love you lotss!!
      16 June at 22:55 · ·
Adriana Thani

Adriana Thani Happy Birthday, Raja Khalid Khairaldin!! Many hugs and kisses from Aunty Adrin, Uncle Farhan, Abang Aqil and Abang Afraz!

16 June at 11:07 via Facebook for iPhone · · · See Wall-to-Wall

    • Raja Iskandar Iva Thank you Aunty Adrin and family!! We're going to London tomorrow, will be dropping by Carnaby Street to see if there's cheap yarns to bring back to Malaysia :) Can't wait to meet all of u againnnnnn! xoxox
      16 June at 11:59 · ·
Fay Karbani Ayob

Fay Karbani Ayob Happy Birthday to the little gorgous munchkin...big kiss.. allah make him the coolness of your eyes always and forever -

16 June at 10:06 · · · See Wall-to-Wall

    • Raja Iskandar Iva Ameen!! Thank you Fay! Insha'Allah will be inviting you and family for his party. Will msg you the date and time soon. Hope you all can make it. :)
      16 June at 10:32 · ·
    • Fay Karbani Ayob insha-allah will come, wouldnt miss it for the world, i soooo wanna squeeze him for sooo holiday was awesome...ONE QUESTION....why u in the UK lol...i loved was beautiful, weather was gorgous, people were friendly and welcoming, i didnt wanna come back lol..
      16 June at 11:51 · ·
Raja Kamarudin

Raja Kamarudin ‎"To Li'l Man, Happy b'day kid."... Raja Iskandar Iva

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Aiman Raja


16 June at 07:27 · · · See Wall-to-Wall

Ezrin Trombeta Raja

Ezrin Trombeta Raja Happy birthday Khairaldin!!!!!!!!! I can't believe a year's gone now!!! Happy birthday baby boy! :-)

16 June at 07:14 · · · See Wall-to-Wall

    • Raja Iskandar Iva Thank you Uncle Abang!!!

      I know, can't believe it ourselves! 1 year of great fun and lots more to come, Insha'Allah.
      16 June at 10:30 · ·
    • Nur Haliza Hassan happy birthday khairaldin!! hugs from aunty haliza,uncle hafiz, khadeeja n qayyum..
      16 June at 13:25 · ·