Friday, August 19, 2011

Chicken Shawarma & Nasi Kabsa Recipe (Arabic Cuisine)

Every Ramadhan, I will suddenly turn into a cooking monster! Somehow I only dare to try new cookings and bakings during Ramadhan. I think the reason why I dare to try new recipes is because people will be famished by Iftar (break fast) and I'm sure anything I cook will be absolutely delicious to them, Insha'Allah. So, that is why I try new cuisine only during Ramadhan.

Anyway, since a few people have asked me for these recipes, I decided to make an entry out of it because there's just so much to write! Unfortunately, I am not able to post all of it today because I'm only gonna make it for Saturday Iftar with the whole family, Insha'Allah. Today, I am just going to share with you the spices recipe. You can basically use this spices with any Arabic Cuisine. So here you go.

Ps: PLEASE be warned that you will sneeze a lot by just blending these spices. Too aromatic!! ;) Have fun cooking!

Rempah Kabsa Recipe (Spices for Kabsa rice) 
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1 tbsp cengkih (cloves) *
1 tbsp lada hitam (black pepper)*
1 tbsp jintan manis (fennel) *
1 tbsp jintan putih (cumin) *
2 tbsp ketumbar (corriander seeds) *
1 tbsp buah pelaga (cardamom) *
1 tbsp pelaga hitam (black cardamom pods) *
1 tbsp serbuk cili (chilli powder)
1 TEASPOON kunyit (turmeric powder)
From left: Corriander seeds, black pepper, black cardamom pods, cardomom, fennel and cumin.

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1. Fry the ingredients marked * until you can smell the aroma.
2. Blend all ingredients until smooth.
3. Add in chilli powder and turmeric powder into blended ingredients.
3. Keep aside the blended ingredients in a tupperware as you only need one tablespoon of blended ingredients every time you cook. You will get plenty of it with the ingredients above (refer picture below).

Blended Kabsa Spices

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Syahmi Majesty said...

how come you didnt use bay leaves in your khabsa cooking? just wondering. thanx