Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sorry that I am such a positive person :)

In spite of my very positively chripy, lovely and heartfelt writings, I sometimes have the urge to just sit down and write a very harsh entry on how my heart really feel about a certain someone. But everytime I think of doing it, my brain tells my heart not to do such a harsh thing because the purpose of this blog is to share my Islamic parenting experience and moral values with other parents (to-be) out there. It is also a place where one day Khairaldin and Layina (Insha'Allah their other siblings too) can look at and Insha'Allah appreciate what we have done for them. I do not ever want them to grow up with hatred in life. Yes, life is tough but it's how we deal with it that matters the most. Like the saying goes, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade". Something so sour could still turn out sweet if you know the perfect recipe to it.

No matter how angry annoyed I am with this particular person, I have to thank him/her for making me the person I am today. I have been putting up with lots of harsh comments from him/her not only about Iskandar and I but also about my innocent children. Try this, Layina is only 1 month old yet she's already getting negative comment. Layina, don't worry, it's not your fault that you get such nasty remark. Mommy hope you'll not be offended with it but in fact take it as a reminder that it's not easy to please everyone. In the end of the day, just try your best and the only one you should always please is Allah swt. So, be strong babycakes. :) Anyway, back to where I was, all these negative comments I have been getting is not only making me stronger but it is also strengthening my Imaan (faith). It makes me want to turn back to Allah swt and Prophet SalallahuAlaihiWassalam and "listen" to what they've got to say by reading the Quran and Hadith.

Like I said, I sometimes feel like writing negative entries but because of this particular person also I have learnt that it is wrong to do such a thing. It's not only wrong in a way that "yeah you are talking bad about a person" but it's also very wrong to conceal one's sins. One day, in the hereafter that is, my blog will be revealed to every single one of us that's living on this planet and others. In one of the hadith narrated Abu Hurairah radi Allahu Anhu: I heard Allah's Messenger SalallahuAlaihiWassalam saying, "All the sins of my followers will be forgiven except those who commit a sin openly or disclose their sins to the people. An example of such disclosure is that a person commits a sin at night, and though Allah screens it from the public, then he comes in the morning and says, "O so-and-so, I did such and such evil deed yesterday," though he spent his night screened by his Lord (none knowing about his sin) and in the morning he removes Allah's screen from himself." Basically, if I were to go on and on about this person in public, it will only accumulate my sins and doing it OPENLY will only make matters worse in this world and most importantly HEREAFTER!

Even though this person tries so hard to bring my self-esteem down, I have to say it's only bringing it "up". I live my life the Islamic way therefore I would turn to the Quran or Hadith and see how our Prophet would react in every situation. (Narrated Tariq: 'Abdullah said, "The best talk is Allah's book (the Quran), and the best guidance is the guidance of Muhammad SalallahuAlaihiWassalam.) Be it a happy, blissful, angry or sad situation, I try my very best to make sure I don't react in an extreme way. So, I turn to the Hadith and read words that will help me with my emotions. As we all know, emotion is very difficult to control. Even though our mind says one thing, our heart (especially the female gender) would have the last say and most of the time it's not a nice one if we are in an angry mood. Before we regret saying one thing, sit back, grab the Quran or Hadith and ponder upon it. Insha'Allah we will live a happier and more Barakah life. :)

Below are the quotes that have helped me get through my difficult days. I hope it will also help all of you and comes in handy when you are feeling at your lowest mood. Believe me, it's not worth it to take up with the person you are angry with as they would definitely have their opinion and it'll only end up in a fight. Another way you can make yourself feel better is by taking everything in a positive way. Like what my li'l brother would say to me "What happened to your funny bone? Chill!" :) There's a reason why we have a "funny bone", try hitting the nerve and you'd definitely feel ticklish. If a person hits your nerve, remember, there's a funny bone somewhere in your body. You just need to look for it. ;) Sometimes it is difficult to just let go of what you have worked hard for but then, it's best to leave some things broken than hurting yourself trying to fix it. ;) Move on whilst knowing that you have tried for the sake of Allah and Allah swt is happy with your intentions.

May Allah make it easy for us to do good deeds in this life in order for us to prepare for the Hereafter! Amin!

"Tell them (O Prophet): "O you servants of mine who believe, have fear of your lord. A good end awaits those who did good in this world. Allah's earth is spacious. Verily, those who persevere shall be granted their reward beyond all reckoning." (Quran 39:10)

Narrated Abu Musa: The Prophet SalallahuAlaihiWassalam said, "None is more patient than Allah against the harmful saying, He hears from the people; they ascribe a son (or offspring or children) to Him, yet He gives them health and (supplies them with) provision." (Hadith Bukhari)

Beautified is the ife of this world for those who disbelieve and they mock at those who believe. But those who have taqwa, will be above then on the Day of Ressurection. And Allah gives (of this bounty, blessings, favours and honours on the Day of Ressurection) to whom He wills without limit. (Quran 2:212)

Narrated Abu Hurairah RadiAllahuAnhu: Allah's Messenger SalallahuAlaihiWassalam said, "The strong is not the one who overcomes the people by his strength, but the strong is the one who controls himself while in anger."

Ps: I could go on and on with the quotes but time is something I am lack off nowadays, therefore I shall leave these quotes with you and hopefully you'd continue by reading it from the Quran or Hadiths. Insha'Allah.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2 years and 10 days.....

Raja Khalid Khairaldin & Raja Aizah Layina ( <24 hrs old)
That's the age gap between Khairaldin and Layina. When I found out I was pregnant, I thought Khairaldin will be about 1 year 11 months or younger by the time I was due. Then, we had our first scan. First estimated due date was 16th June 2011 after a few weeks, they changed it to 22nd June 2011. But in the end, Layina 'sealed the deal' with Allah swt on 26th June 2011 at 3:54pm. So, that makes her 2 years and 10 days younger than Khairaldin.

People's been asking us, "how are you managing with a toddler and newborn?" To be honest, we've not really hit reality. My parents have been around to supervise and help us around. Khairaldin's been pampered by his Nana and DaddyTok unconditionally! They've been going to Tesco almost everyday! My parents bring him out whenever they're going out. Alhamdulillah, I have been getting occasional quiet time a few days a week. I am sure things would be different if they weren't around. You just don't know how thankful I am to still have my parents even though I'm married with 2 children. Shukur Alhamdulillah!!

Since I've "spoken" about my labour/delivery, I think it's just fair to speak about how Khairaldin was doing whilst we were at the hospital. On the day of the delivery, we left Khairaldin at home with my Mom and brothers from around 6am - 11pm. I didn't prepare anything for Khairaldin as much, only bought some disposable diapers for him since it'd be a hassle for my Mom/brothers to change him into cloth diapers. They were coping alright during day time. My second brother even bought an inflatable pool to keep him occupied for good few hours. Thankfully it was also the weekend for my nephew and niece to be with us (my eldest brother's divorced in case I didn't mention :). So Khairaldin had his loved ones with him. Alhamdulillah he can speak fluently for a 2 year old, he made it easier for them to look after him. He knows what he wants in terms of food, drinks, toys and etc. Hence, it was "easy" to look after him when need be.

After speaking to Khairaldin :(
My Mom said he was fine the whole day but when it was night time, he started asking for Iskandar and I. The initial plan was for me to stay at the hospital for a night so the DR can monitor my blood loss. You see, the only thing I HATE about giving birth in the UK is that when I have to overnight at the hospital, I have to overnight ALONE with the baby! I HATE it soooooo much! It doesn't help when I called Khairaldin and he was asking our whereabouts. He was telling me about what he did the whole day. I cried and sobbed whilst on the phone with him. Iskandar even took a video of it! BOooo! It was really sad!! I've never left him behind for that long. I knew he wouldn't be able to sleep if I wasn't there. So I insisted on being discharged that night itself. Alhamdulillah the DR allowed except I had to sign a few stuff in case anything were to happen as it would be my fault then. I took the risk, packed up and left the hospital.

On the way home, I had a slight guilt. Whilst I was carrying Layina, I have read a few stuff and heard people's experience on how to 'tackle' the elder child to like the newborn baby. One famous tactic was to buy a present and to tell the elder one that the present is from their newborn sibling. I thought that was good, I'm gonna do that. Sadly, I didn't prepare beforehand so ended up with no present for Khairaldin. I was really worried because we were 'out' for hours and didn't inform/explain to him that I was going to the hospital to deliver baby (because he was still asleep) and then suddenly I'm coming home with another human being? That would definitely make him jealous, so I thought. Since it was already 11pm on a Sunday, we had no choice but to just brave it and go home to see Khairaldin.

Brother & Sister getting to know one another :)
As soon as I entered the house with Layina, Khairaldin was already expecting and welcoming Layina with a hugeeeee smile on his face! He was surprised that Layina was no more in my tummy but definitely loving the newborn baby. He kissed her, talked to her and was just being a big brother really. I was in tears, again! Blegh hormones! It was amazing how he could love and connect with Layina straight away. The only way he knew about "baby" was when we taught him to 'talk' to "baby" when I was pregnant. He will come to my tummy and kiss it and call "baby, baby, baby" with his own tune. Even when he was playing the iPod he would stop and talk to baby whenever we ask "where's baby?" It's like he knew that one day this "baby" will be his blood brother or sister. Truthfully, Khairaldin is not a gentle person when it comes to other children or babies. He will be all possessive and hit the kid whenever I am holding them. So, I was not surprised if he were to do the exact same thing to Layina. Then, he managed to surprise us by being such an adorable child/brother! He touched her with such love and care. He held her hand so gently (I still had fear that he was gonna break her tiny li'l fingers or sum'n, but he didn't). No doubt he can be a nuisance to her but only by kissing her every 5 mins! We were all so surprise by how loving he has been with Layina. SubhanAllah (Glory be to Allah) and Alhamdulillah!!!

Their afternoon naptime
As days go by his love for Layina blooms even more. There are occasions when he feel we are concentrating more on Layina than him. For instance if my parents say "Assalamualaikum Layina", he will go to my parents and say "Assalamualaikum Kha-din". It's like, just in case you forgot my existence kinda thing. :) Also at night, since he's always slept with me he becomes rather stubborn and start to cry whenever I'm nursing Layina during his bedtime. What I normally do is feed Layina and let Iskandar put her to sleep. Khairaldin just cannot sleep with anyone during night time because I've always pampered him and wanting to do everything on my own :D Now, it's Iskandar's time with Layina. ;)

Blessed to have us in her life ;)
Most of us (even myself) are scared to have a second baby at such close gap. Since I've experienced it now, I feel 2 years difference is a perfect age gap as the elder one is too engrossed learning new things and they are not too pampered and attached just yet. I think the longer the age gap, the more difficult it would be as they've been too attached and can't accept the fact they have to 'let go' of their parents. Then again, I'm sure everyone has different story to tell, and this is mine. :)

Ps: Don't worry, I am ready for their sibling rivalry days. I'm sure that day will come but for now, I will embrace the moment when they truly love one another.

Friday, July 15, 2011

My breastfeeding journey with Aizah Layina


Alhamdulillah, Aizah's 18 days old today. Yesterday she was down with cold and I blame myself for not covering her up properly when we went into town. Of all days, it had to be a windy day yesterday and she didn't have her fleece or any jumper on. Today she's all well and kicking again, Alhamdulillah. Mom was surprised that Aizah could catch a cold since she is exclusively breastfed. Of course it is very rare for breastfeed babies to get cold or fever for the first 6 months because there's all the nutrients for the baby in breastmilk. Then again, if other precautions weren't taken, the baby can easily fall sick too, right?

Full and content face
Other than that one day, Aizah's putting on weight and very healthy, Alhamdulillah. I still could not believe that she's been breastfed from Day 1 and have not needed any milk supplement ever since. With Khairaldin, I had to feed him formula milk for the first week. He was suffering from jaundice and wasn't getting enough milk from me, so the nurse said. It's all a learning curve with Khairaldin. Whatever I've failed to do back then, I am hoping to do it better with Aizah, Insha'Allah. Even though it was a tough decision for me to feed Khairaldin Formula Milk, I kept insisting that it's Allah's will.

Mommies to be, don't hit yourself if you can't breastfeed your baby. Also, never ever give up! Formula milk is ok if it's desperately needed but don't make it as a choice. Try and breastfeed the baby as much and as long as you can. Yes, breastfeeding is very tiring. Think of it this way, when else will you get the chance to be *that* close with your baby? Once they grow up, that's the end of it all.

Aizah's feeding position
I love my feeding sessions with both Khairaldin and Aizah. The stare in their eyes and scrutinising my face makes me feel very much appreciated. Knowing that I am the only person that could satisfy their hunger and thirst is amazing! Getting the chance to just pick them up every 2 hours and spend the whole 20 mins together is priceless! I kid you not, the first week of breastfeeding is P.A.I.N.F.U.L!! No words could describe how painful it is. Trust me, Insha'Allah after that it'll be smooth sailing. So take this opportunity to just breastfeed your baby. Allah's given us the breast and milk to feed our child, let's try and make full use of our body as how we do with the rest of it all.

Like I said, with Khairaldin it's all a learning curve. Before giving birth to Aizah, I recalled why I didn't manage to exclusively breastfeed Khairaldin (even though it's only that 1 week). Here's some tips for all of you in case you've not done your research. As soon as you give birth, try and eat healthily and drink lots of water. Bear in mind that your milk will only be about a teaspoon full or less for the first 3 days. Don't take it as though you haven't got any milk. By the 3rd day, Insha'Allah you'll feel your breast fuller. Even so, there will be just enough for the baby. Their tummy is soooo small. So don't expect to produce a glass full of milk. Insha'Allah your milk will be sufficient. Make sure the baby's latched on properly!!!! Youtube breastfeeding positions if you haven't already, this could be of some help for you. Lastly, feed on demand. As soon as the baby wakes up, feed him/her. At this stage they're not up to play with you just yet. All they want is milk, milk, milk! So feed, feed, feed!

4oz of EBM at Day 3, Alhamdulillah!
With Aizah, she's being fed every 2 hours in the day time. Easy for me since I don't need to pump that often. I also realise by doing this, she sleeps better at night. Her feeds at night is about 4-6 hourly. She starts her day at 7am and feed every 2 hourly. Her last night feed is at 11pm and the next one after that is around 4am. That too sometimes I have to wake her up as I am too engorged. Don't feel that when you baby's constantly feeding means she doesn't get enough milk. Again, look at the size of their tummy and how often they poop, that's why they need to refuel. This is why they have to feed ever so often. Formula milk will make them "fuller" only because it has too much sugar in them. It doesn't make them any healthier!
Please please please give the baby their right to be breastfed for as long as you can. Make du'a that Allah will make it easy on you to breastfeed and also to shower you with abundance of milk. That is the only way your breastfeeding journey could be a breeze. With HIS will.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Raja Aizah Layina's long awaited debut

Truthfully, I am not one of those people who has the courage to read about other's labour/birth experience. I'm scared that their experience will haunt me when I'm in labour. So, I try to be in a positive mindset throughout my pregnancy and labour. If you're pregnant and want to know about my experience then carry on reading. Insha'Allah you can still have a positive mindset after reading this entry. I'm not saying that my labour was bad nor am I saying it was "great". After giving birth to Khairaldin, I expected my labour to be rather...easy? But hey who am I kidding! There's a reason why Allah expiates our sins whenever we are in pain.
A few people msged me saying that they've got a feeling I'll be giving birth on the weekend (25th or 26th June 2011). My eldest brother even had a dream that I was going in labour that precise weekend! But I kept thinking, nah, it won't be anytime soon coz I don't feel anything different. I was also chatting with my youngest brother who was flying off from Malaysia - UK. He said something about I will give birth today/night (26th June 2011) then I said to him, don't say that, I'm tired! I need my sleep! So we ended our chat and I went to sleep around 1am +.

Then around 3am, Sunday 26th June 2011, it all started.... without me realising it. I had cramp-like tummyache. I didn't expect it to be contractions as it was rather bearable and really it's just like cramps. Then I went to the toilet prepared for Subuh (morning prayer) since it was nearly Subuh. After Subuh I tried to sleep. Managed to sleep for a while then the pain came back. I told Iskandar to monitor just in case it was contractions as it's constant and consistent. Iskandar timed the "stomach cramp" and it was going for every 10mins for 1/2 an hour. Since I was confident it was contractions, I decided to have a warm bath to see if it would ease the pain (coz I know that is what the Midwife will ask me to do if I call them up). I was alright in the bath tub for 1/2 an hour but as soon as I got out it started all over again. Until today I'm not sure how water can soothe contractions! By 6am, I decided to call the hospital. Told the Midwife that my contraction was 10mins apart and I've tried relaxing in the bath but it's still constant. Midwife told me to take paracetamol and again try to just have a warm bath and call back if the contractions were 5mins apart. So I did. This time with Iskandar around just to make sure he was there to monitor. Whilst I was in the bath, my contractions were 5 mins apart. Even then we waited for about 1/2 an hour to make sure it was 5 mins apart.

Since we were very confident it was 5 mins apart contractions, we called the hospital again. This time the Midwife advised to come in for thorough check up. We were at the hospital by 7:00am. Midwife came to do thorough check at about 7:15am. I was expecting to be about 2 cm dilated as the pain was "too" bearable. I told Iskandar, if it's only 2cm I'm going home to sleep! I was so sleepy throughout the checks! The midwife was asking me questions like, how do you know you're in labour? I just said I don't know whether I am in labour or not and I wasn't even expecting it to be today. She chuckled and continued saying, well you know you are pregnant and already overdue right? I said, yeah, but I was expecting it last week and kinda forgotten about it now. She was surprise how I can be so calm and still had sense of humour because little did I know, I was already 5 cm dilated!! I thought, O Allah, how did I have the strength to bear the pain?? I was seriously surprised. Of course I had to be admitted straight away.

I was already in labour ward at 7:45am. They warded me into one of those very mobile room where I could move around and do lots of walking, squatting, rocking etc in there. However....... after further checks on my maternity notes, they noticed that I had rather high risk pregnancy (something I wasn't really being told during my pregnancy!!!!). I had what they call Polyhyrdramnios (too much amniotic fluid in the womb). When I went for a second scan around 32 weeks pregnant, they noticed that my amniotic fluid was more than normal. My midwife kept saying, it' okay and nothing to worry about. I was quite disappointed when on the day itself they classed me into "high risk pregnancy" because sadly, with all the 'mobile' gadgets they gave me in the room, I had to be strapped onto those electronic gadgets. No fun! They had to check baby's heart rate and my contraction constantly. So there I was lying on the bed, unactive!

I felt so helpless and like time was dragging me down slowly! I kept asking the midwife what will happen next again and again. But I loveeeeeeeeeee how the midwives are so helpful and treat me as though I am the baby. LOL! They pampered me so much by just entertaining my annoying questions. It's amazing and you can really see that they love their job! Anyway, the next check was at 11:45am and apparently I should be about 9cm dilated by then. If I wasn't then they'll break my waterbag, so they said. Since I had too much amniotic fluid, they didn't dare to break my water because it could lead to complications. When they checked at 11:45am, I was only 7cm dilated. I've only just started on entonox gas at this time. I thought, Alhamdulillah I managed to go natural for 7cm!! They insisted on letting my waterbag break naturally. The next examination was in 4 hours (3:45pm). We waited and waited for the waterbag to break. I even fell asleep a few times while waiting. I was super duper tired! I have never imagined falling asleep during labour but I did! Around 3pm, I kept saying I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted Epidural sooooooo desperately. To be honest, I don't even know how effective epidural is but I just wanted it! :| Iskandar kept reminding me not to because I would not like the after effect of it. I thought he was being cruel. Heheh but yeah he was right. I won't like the backpain and other pains that will come with it. Even the midwife kept saying... you don't need it, you're doing just fine without it. At that time I just concentrated on breathing and used the gas.

Tick tock tick tock.... It was 3:45pm. I was just praying that I could give birth anytime now because I was absolutely shattered! They checked and I was only 8cm dilated!!!!! The agony! I'm sure it was because I didn't move that's why I couldn't dilate anymore.

Raja Aizah Layina, 1 hour old
So.... they say good things come to those who wait. Hehe So it did, good news came! They decided to break my waterbag. Willingly I said YES!!! Straight after they broke my waterbag, I said I felt like pushing. The midwife then said, do whatever your body tells you to. So I did. I pushed! Around 3:51 pm her head was OUT!!!!! I could slowly feel the relief by now. However, as I was pushing, I suddenly lost the feeling/contractions to push anymore!! Layina's shoulder was stuck! They had to call for experts and somehow they managed to pull her out safely. Alhamdulillah she was healthy and fine. They put her straight onto my chest for a skin-to-skin contact. She was crying, very red and adorable! :'( They confirmed that baby was a she. Iskandar Athan and Iqamaah at her ears whilst she was still on my chest. She was on me for a good hour whilst they sorted everything out.

The only thing that went wrong during the whole labour was the way my bed was positioned. You see, during Khairaldin's labour, the midwives had to break my waterbag too. Before they broke my waterbag, they positioned my bed like in the picture and also took the entonox gas away from me. However, with Layina's birth, the midwife didn't convert my bed properly and also I was still inhaling the gas. So when I was trying to push Layina out, I was inhaling enotox gas which made me not realise I was having contractions. Also, since the bed was in lying position all along, I wasn't in a 'perfect' position to push the baby out. I was literally lying sideways when her head was out of me. So yeah, that is when the complications begin. However, I don't blame anyone for it as it is Allah's plan all along. I am so thankful, Alhamdulillah, that everything went well.

I lost a lot of blood during labour so they had to put me on IV drips straight after that. I had a few stitches and Layina had to be checked by a Peaditrician because of Polyhydramnios and also her stucked shoulder. Alhamdulillah, both of us were healthy and nothing more were needed. Well, my sleepy self wasn't sleepy at all after she was born. My intention on wanting to just sleep after the whole labour definitely wasn't fulfilled. We were too engrossed with her arrival that we had forgotten when was the last time we ate and slept. :) This is one amazing labour experience for myself and Iskandar. We had planned on a birthplan and yet everything didn't go as plan. SubhanAllah! Giving birth is one of the many things that would truly open my eyes to the words in the Quran and Hadiths. It is such an amazing experience.

My advises to all you pregnant Mommies are:

1) To make sure you have something to eat before labour. The energy will definitely help with contractions and pushing. Alhamdulillah in the amidst of preparing to go to the hospital, Iskandar managed to grab lots of kurma (dates) and zamzam water. That kept me going throughout labour since my last proper meal was at 7pm the day before.

2) Be mobile!! Walk, walk, walk and walk if you can. That will help to push the baby out. Comparing Khairaldin's 4 hours labour and Layina's 8 hours labour really shows that being mobile is the best way to help with contractions and will take your mind off clock watching. :)

Even though that day the UK was hit by the heatwave, I still didn't get the chance to do waterbirth. Since I was classified under "high risk pregnancy", I had to be strapped onto those electronic gadgets the whole time hence could not go into the water. Allah definitely had better plans for us. Alhamdulillah, I couldn't stop thinking what if I went for waterbirth and her shoulder was stuck etc etc. I am really thankful to Allah for all the plans that he had for us from Day 1 of pregnancy.

Would I do it again? Well, I told Iskandar 2 was enough but knowing the amazing deeds one could get from pregnancy, giving birth, breastfeeding, raising children and etc, my answer would be Insha'Allah. :)

May Allah make it easy for all of you too. May your pregnancy and labour go smoothly, Amin!!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Why 'that' name? Aizah Layina?

After announcing to everyone our first child's name- Khalid Khairaldin, we kinda got a few positive and negative remarks. Alhamdulillah there were more positive than negative remarks so it didn't really bother us that much.

So when it came to naming our second child, we applied the same 'technique' on how we chose Khairaldin's name. We made sure the name has good meaning, that will befit and bring blessings to the child throughout her life. As it is also stated in a Hadith, It is reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "On the Day of Resurrection, you will be called by your names and by your fathers' names, so give yourselves good names." (Hadith Abu Dawud). So, we stuck to our principles and chose her name. Alhamdulillah, so many people fell in love with the name we have chosen which is, Aizah Layina. At first I spelt it as Aiza but in Arabic it is spelt as 'عایزه' hence there's a 'H' at the end.

What does the name mean, I hear you ask? So many people are intrigued especially with her second name. Almost everyone is calling her Layina because they love that name so much and think it's very unique. I'm so glad people chose to call her Layina because we are calling her Aizah. :) Well, Aizah means Noble and Layina means Soft or Gentle in Arabic Language.

As usual, the deal was for me to choose a girl's name and Iskandar choose a boy's name. But truthfully, I am so bad with names! I just can't decide what to name my babies. Iskandar chose both names and Alhamdulillah both of them have good names with good meanings. As we were browsing for names, Iskandar instantly liked the name Aizah. He's always wanted the meaning 'Noble'. So we settled with Aizah. And I wanted something beginning with L, somehow. Hehe I had 'Lana' in mind but I couldn't find the meaning to it and I wasn't sure if it was an Arabic name or not. So we didn't go ahead with that. Then we saw 'Layina' since the meaning is soft and gentle we thought, hey that suits her so much! Ever since in the tummy, she has been rather soft and gentle. Her movement was different to Khairaldin's. She moves really gently which you can really see every movement from outside the tummy. Then we tried to combine both names and it sounded nice and unique.

So really, that is why we chose the name Aizah Layina. Even though I had chosen a girl's name when I was carrying Khairaldin, I just feel it wouldn't suit her. The name was Lana Maria. It's got a nice sound to it but I don't know, it just wasn't Aizah Layina.

I pray that she will live up to her name and May Allah subahanahu wata a'la protect her and guide her to the right path always.  Amin!!! <3

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