Monday, July 23, 2012

Ramadhan Mubarak !

Alhamdulillah shukur! It's the 4th Ramadhan today and we have done 6 juzu' of tadarus. I'm so glad that my kids aren't a nuisance when we are trying to glorify Allah swt. Khairaldin will try and imitate us pray or read the Quran and it's an amazing sight. Masha'Allah! Layina will be busy in the toy room with her toys. Alhamdulillah, we're so thankful to have such kids. Really glad to know that they understand the time we have to worship and glorify Allah and also the time when they can bother us with thier "stuff".

The best way to start is when they're still a baby. We always had Khairaldin next to us when we are praying and it's been instilled in him that Mommy and Abah will have to do this everyday at so and so time. Alhamdulillah. I feel so blessed to get the chance to worship my creator even when I have 2 kids!! However, I would really love to get up at night to perform a few extra ibadah. InshaAllah, praying that I will get the hang of Summer time real soon. Having to do terawikh at 11pm and sleep at 12am, is rather difficult for me. Layina still wakes up for night feed and sahur is at 3am, so my body clock is still rather haywire. Eepps!

So, how's your Ramdhan? Any tips to share for me to do more? Let's top up our deeds by sharing beneficial knowledge :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Not so daily ey??

Well, when I said daily updates, I really meant my daily. Which means when I have the time to update haha. Kids, you know my commitment is to care for the family first. So, don't worry, I still keep track of the things you guys do in my mental input but I just don't have the time to blog about it. Anyway, since time is on my side for the next 5mins, I better update.

Layina, I'll start with you first this time only because the day after I setup this label, you impressed us as early as 8 o'clock in the morning. You see, normally you'd wake up just before Abg Khalid but on that day u decided to sleep in for a bit. Normally, as soon as Abg Khalid wakes up, he'd go straight to our room (yes, both of you sleep interest sane room since you were 7months old, Alhamdulillah) and he did just that few days back. About 10mins after Abg Khalid woke up, you too came in our room!! The scary and surprising thing is, you knew how to get off your bed without falling and instead of going down the stairs (like you are always tempted to do) you went straight to Mommy Abah's room!! It's like you knew we were in there even though we were still very quiet. Masha'Allah. You really had a guardian angel looking after you, girl. Subhan'Allah!! I was so amazed to see you on the floor waiting for me to pick you up onto my bed. And baby girl, you are only 1 year old when this happened. :))

Abg Khalid, you are a charmer. Enough said! We had guest around and you just charmed them with your stories. Everyone couldn't stop asking you questions because you'd answer them intelligently! For a 3 year old, I've never seen any boy of your age making conversation with older people and leaving them feeling entertained and contented. Subhan'Allah you really did a great job! I hope you would use your public speaking to attract people to the right path, amin!! Live up to your name Khair-Al-Deen; goodness to the religion, Insha'Allah.

Today is the starting of Ramadan and Mommy will keep praying that the both of you will grow up to be intelligent kids and to use your intelligence towards the righteous path, Amin yaRabbalamin! This is only just the beginning of your childhood, Insha'Allah many more amazing things to come.

As for my others readers, let me take this opportunity to wish you all a blessed Ramadan and may you receive the goodness of this month, amin! Let us all take a break from the worldly stuff and just enjoy this miracle month. That's me for now, I'm not making any promises, but Insha'Allah will try and drop by the page when I have time to do so. Do keep us in your du'a. Barakallahu feek!

Monday, July 16, 2012

"Khalid 3 years old" :)

**Oh no! Can't believe this post has been in my drafts for almost a month!! Khairaldin is exactly 3yrs 1mth today!**

Khalid Khairaldin turned THREE last Saturday! Alhamdulillah! We did a pre-birthday party for Layina and him in Malaysia because, other than moving back to Malaysia for good, we don't see any other time that we can celebrate his 'birthday' with his cousins. Being a June baby means it will always be school term on his birthday. So, no more time off after this seeing that he will start nursery in September, InshaAllah! How fast has that been??

THREE years?! I can't get over it, seriously. I mean even the first year birthday was a big deal and now to know that he's still growing healthily is just unreal. Don't mind me, I think I'll be writing this same thing every time it's his birthday. Haha Yes, I don't think I can ever grasp the fact that I am now a mother of two toddlers and later on even teenagers! SubhanAllah! Alhamdulillah!

So anyway, we didn't really do much on his 3rd birthday. He doesn't even know it's his birthday and I think he's still too young to understand what birthday is all about. We brought him to ASDA to let him choose his own cake but ended up he wanted a 'Yoda' cake because his Uncle Ha loves Yoda. So yeah, he had no idea what birthdays is all about. But hey, what is birthday all about anyway? Why do we feel so special on that certain day? For myself, I have grown out of birthday celebrations. Last year's birthday, I decided to send gifts to Mom and Dad instead because they have been there in my life since day 1. I don't feel anything special on 12 October other than feeling thankful for still having my parents by my side up till today. Alhamdulillah. As soon as it's 1st January, I will automatically declare my age as 1 year older than the last. Even though some would say I'm not even a full year yet. Erk, really it doesn't matter to me. It's just a number. The older I get the scarier it becomes because I know I have done so much and it makes me wonder what have I done to prepare for the hereafter?

As for Khairaldin, Layina (and future children InshaAllah) we are teaching them to not make a big deal out of birthdays. Yes, we will celebrate. Because it is a very good excuse to get people to gather and serve them some food. It's encouraged to have guests around every now and then to keep a good relation. So the 'party' isn't a big deal. What we normally tell our guest is that it's just a small gathering and because some of them know it's the kids' birthday, they would instantly say, "oh is it for Khairaldin and Layina's birthday?" We will say yes, but will insist on them to  come with no gifts at all, be it toys, clothes etc etc.

We've never bought Khairaldin a birthday present on his so called birthday. No, we are not such evil parents who do not get their child anything. Haha We just don't want him to always expect presents on his birthday. It will come to a point where he wouldn't even appreciate the gifts. Also for the guests, we know sometimes people do have financial difficulties. If we invite them as a birthday party they would think that we are expecting gifts. This will then make them feel bad not bringing anything. So we strictly tell our guests, "no present please". This not only save them some money but also save us from having to throw away the wrapping papers, boxes, etc. :)

Last week, at Khairaldin's school, I overheard mothers talking about birthday gifts. She was complaining how she had two of the same presents because there isn't that many toys for that certain age group. So yes, that's just a waste! As for clothes, not all kids grow according to the sizes referred by the store. Khairaldin for instance, is still wearing 18-24months clothing at 36months! So just imagine that. If people were to buy his aged clothes, how long have I got to just keep it in the wardrobe till he grows into it?? It'll take space and when the time comes, it might not even be in a good condition.

Alhamdulillah, so far this birthday presents arrangement seems to work. I couldn't thank Iskandar for coming up with such brilliant idea! Today, I was cleaning their toy room and the amount of toys they have got is just ridiculous. Not that they play with all of it or even any of it. They end up playing with our things. Like for instance Khairaldin has a toy microphone but both Layina and him will end up playing with our USB mic for the Wii game. So it's just a waste to get them a toy thing as we know it will not interest them much.

We are the type that will buy things when it is needed. Khairaldin might not be interested in any toys now hence it'll just waste time, money and space to get him a present just because it's his birthday. When he wants something, InshaAllah we will try and get it for him. Alhamdulillah he is not the kind that wants everything and anything. We brought him to toys'R'us thinking of buying him one of the big electronic cars, but he ended up didn't want it. Ok he did want the £300+ Ferrari ones, but when we say it's expensive he understands and don't bug us for it. Masha'Allah.

I pray that he will continue to be the guy that he is today! The boy that thinks for others (like wanting to buy Yoda cake instead of something he personally like), understands the value of money and not waste it for no reason, realises the true way of celebration/gathering according to the Islamic way and of course my constant du'a for him to become a great Muslim. Ameen!!
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New label ;)

Looking at my kids grow up is such a blessing on its own. Today, I have decided to start a new label called Khairaldin & Layina's daily randoms. Basically I'll write short updates about their daily wow factor because everyday they're wow-ing me with something. :)

Let's start with you, Khairaldin...
Today you went to playschool and wanted to play with flour, you were about to cry when you didn't get a turn but when I looked at you, you instantly know that you're not supposed to cry. Sometimes I underestimate your ability to understand. I find it amazing that at your age I do not need to pinch or beat you to make you understand. Boy, you are so clever and you amaze us everyday with your capabilities! Alhamdulillah.

Layina, you are different to your Abang in so many ways! It's true when they say every child is different. At your age, your Abang Khalid can do so many things. Like, imitate us when we sing 'Twinkle Little Star". Until today, you just don't care about those nursery rhymes. However, you're such a girly girl. Mommy didn't notice your capability in imitating was rather different from your brother. You my girl, would always tidy up your brother's mess. You will get the broom and start sweeping. Alhamdulillah. I guess you know what is more important in life. Hehe nursery rhymes isn't all that fun to you but keeping the house clean is so much fun. Masha'Allah.

Insha'Allah mommy will try and update everyday so that both of you can read on your amazing childhood. SubhanAllah!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Second sewing lesson!

Tommorow will be my second sewing lesson inshaAllah. I am so excited beyond words!! After this sewing lesson, I will be able to try my skills on so many different fabrics inshaAllah. Let's hope the lesson will be as beneficial as I dream of it to be. On another note, it will be the first I'm leaving my babies in other people's care for more than 6 hours. But Alhamdulillah those "other people" are my brother and his gf. Also a family friend. I am blessed to have my loved ones just a shout away. :) after so long not getting my "me time", I think I deserve this time and also it's for a good cause InshaAllah. Anyway, will update on tomorrow's seeing project. Stay tuned.... If you're still reading that is. :D

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Artsy fartsy!

So, one day I decided on a 'life changing experience and I decided to take up sewing lessons. SubhanAllah! If only I knew how exciting and therapeutic sewing can be, I'd have done it agessss ago! It's simply amazing how engrossed I can be.

This is what I did today..... A shopper bag! Iskandar and I will be doing some material shopping tomorrow Insha'Allah,  and I am ecstatic!  Many more 'projects' to come Insha'Allah.  Let's first start with Bismillah!!!! :))

Made and designed by yours truly. Alhamdulillah! 
Sending lots of positive vibes your way!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Sneak peek- Khalid's lego birthday cake & Layina's cake pops

Celebrated Khalid and Layina's birthday today because he wanted to wait for Daddytok and Nana to be here. Alhamdulillah it all went well. Managed to catch up with old friends, had some real good fatty food..If I may say so myself. :)

Anyway, we're super tired! InshaAllah will blog more soon. Enjoy the home made cakes...well, at least just the pictures :)