Sunday, December 01, 2013

"International Education and Islamic Parenting Conference" organised by Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori (BBIM)


First and foremost, Alhamdulillah shukur for the opportunity given by an old friend to attend the "International Education and Islamic Parenting Conference" organised by Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori (BBIM). It meant a lot to the both of us because we have been thinking of sending Khairaldin to BBIM and attending the conference has shed us some lights on the nursery. So, thank you! Before I start sharing my experience about the talk, I will just inform you that I didn't stay for all 4 speakers due to "clingy kids". Alhamdulillah, we still managed to stay and listen to the Famous Mufti Menk, which helped a lot in our parenting skills. However, that will be on a different blog post. ;-)

The conference begin with Ustazah Isfadiah Dasuki's talk on "Raising our Children with The Book of Allah & The Importance of Islamic Education." In her talk she mentioned a few ways of raising our child with Al-Quran, which are, teaching them Ibadah, morals, sexual education and teaching them to socialise. (I think I missed out a few points and also added a few according to my understanding during the talk. It will be great if anyone who went for the conference share their experience as well. Jazakallahu khairan kathira.) 

How do we teach them Ibadah?
  • We can start teaching them at a very young age. The best way to teach is by being the example! When we solat, put them in the same room as us. Let them see how we solat and why we solat, explain to them why we need to stop everything as soon as the Azan finishes. 
  • If they disturb us during solat, leave them to it. After finishing our solat, hug and kiss them as they were there watching us doing it. Even if it means they were tugging onto our 'telekong' the whole time. Hugging and kissing them after solat makes them feel that we are enjoying the solat. If we finish our solat and scold them straight after, it will show that solat is very stressful! 
  • Reward them when they do something good. When they solat on their own, reward them. When they fast, reward them! They deserve it as it is not easy for them to perform all this on their own. They need encouragements and we are the best source for them to get it from.
How to teach them morals?
  • When the child reach a certain age, GUIDE them to be independent. For instance with putting their clothes on. We can't expect them to one day wake up and miraculously put their clothes on, some have the ability Alhamdulillah but most of us needs guidance. So one day we can guide them to just put one sleeve on and when they are good at that, let them put the sleeve on themselves. Then start guiding them with their pants, when THEY feel confident, let them do it on their own. We should keep guiding them throughout their life, even when they are an adult! 
  • Give them choices and ALLOW them to make mistakes! If we don't allow them to make mistakes, how do we expect them to know what is right and wrong? 
  • Our Prophet s.a.w taught us to have good morals by projecting good morals in himself. So, take that onboard into our own family. 
How to teach them sexual education?
  • There are TWO places we can teach them sex ed. First it starts in our own house, we have to explain to them the roles of parent. Sometimes my son gets confused why is it that Mommy can sleep with Abah and yet he cannot sleep with Mommy. We have to explain to them what parents is all about.
  • Immediate sexual ed is through SOLAT. How? We explain to them why is it that boys have to solat at the front and girls at the back- this is done by teaching them the aurah and how to protect the gaze. They then understand how to respect different gender.
  • Teach them to ask for our permission before entering our room BEFORE fajr, zuhur and AFTER Isya'. Tell them why we need to close our bedroom door and why they need to ask for permission to get in, it is all about aurah and this will then make them feel ashamed to show their own aurah. Also let them know what they should not see inside the bedroom they should not see outside the bedroom. Its like whatever happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom kinda thing.
  •  Outside the household, manage the gaze. They should know by now what is shameful for them to see and what is not. When we see adverts of those not covering their aurah, tell them to lower their gaze and switch view for a moment until it's gone.
  • Avoid chattering and gossiping. Yes yes yes we all know about this but sometimes we make an effort to get out of the house to meet up with people just to gossip. So, do our best to avoid this! If you can't restrain yourself from gossiping, then avoid the people you know that would talk bad about others. Choose your friends wisely as it teaches them to choose their friends too.      
 How to teach them to socialise?
  • Socialising can be taught by letting them watch TV. We shouldn't stop them from watching TV or internet. Observe what they are watching, if they like those violent shows, watch with them and tell them why is it wrong to destroy the buildings. How real is all this destroying and killing people. Tell them and talk to them to instill a different perspective as how the TV is instilling it into them. When we STOP them from watching their favourite shows, they will find the need to watch it more and will go out of their way to watch it. So, best not to refrain them from watching TV or using the internet. Teach them to use it wisely.
Again and again, you are the best example to SHOW them how they should bring themselves up in this world. When they do anything wrong, reflect on yourself. How much gadget have you been using around them? Where are they when you are performing your solat? Have you been covering your aurah around them for them to understand that it is wrong to see other people's aurah? So, START WITH YOURSELF FIRST. Insha'Allah, the parenting will be a breeze for you. Sometimes we want to impose things onto our kids that we ourselves can't keep up with. DO OUR BEST to be the example in the household. 

I pray that Allah make it a breeze for us to care for our children according to the Quran and Sunnah. When we feel we are at lost, grab the Quran and start back from the beggining, Insha'Allah, we can't be wrong at educating our kids the right way. May Allah bless all of you for the efforts you have been putting in to care for his Amanah. Amin ya Rabbalalamin! 

Insha'Allah, I shall continue on Mufti Menk's talk in the near future. Thank you for your patience.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hajj Pilgrimage : The Plan

‎This is one journey that I want to have in my memory.... forever! Ok, other than the birth of my children and their growing up stage and some other random stuff. But *this* right here, is an event that I will never want to forget! Inshaa'Allah.

It's best for me to start from the beginning, right? So, how did we even plan on going for Hajj? Well, we didn't really. See, every year during Ramadhan we will get flyers being sent to our house for Umrah and Hajj packages. Of course during that month you would only want to read sacred things and that is considered as one of them. As I was going through the Umrah packages for year 2011, I told Iskandar how it would be amazing to bring the kids for Umrah as we have visited Malaysia and a few other countries. It'd be nice for them to step foot in Mekah at such an early age. Iskandar, being the thinker and "financer" in the family was not too keen with my plan. So I thought how cheapo can my husband be! Yes the umrah packages aren't as cheap as going for holiday to Malaysia, it was double the price. I gave him the chance to explain his points. Then he said, "why not we do the mandatory first before taking the kids for Umrah". It didn't occur to me that he meant Hajj. He then suggested for us to save up for Hajj and try to do it as soon as possible. 

Hajj was not something I talk about everyday. Haha Duh! But you know what I mean. Hajj is looked at as an Ibadah for the elderly rather than youngsters. Of course we don't talk about it until we are about 40 years old, at least. So when my husband suggested Hajj, I had to ask "Are we even allowed to go?" because in Malaysia we'd have to wait for our name to be called before we can do Hajj with Tabung Haji. ‎Iskandar then showed me the price list for Hajj and how to go about booking it. Obviously the procedure of booking it is the same as booking any other holiday, at least in the UK. 

Without hesitating, I agreed to his plan and started planning on how much we have to save monthly in order to reach our goal. Truth be told, he wasn't earning a lot (+-£1500/month) and with one income we really had to make sure we took everything into consideration. Some way some how, after we have decided on going for hajj we were receiving funds from various source. At this time we haven't even told anyone about our plan. But money was coming in non stop. Alhamdulillah. We manged to save up at least £3000 within 4 months. The ticket per person was approximately £4000. I was so optimistic that we will be able to get the whole sum before the booking date.

Then we started telling our parents the plan to make sure there will be someone to babysit the kids. The initial plan was for my parents to come over to the UK to look after the kids since it'll be cheaper that way. However, we had to change all the plans when we found out we had to move to Malaysia for good. The plan from then on became bumpy and distorted! Everything we planned wasn't going OUR way!

To be continued.....

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Khalid's (parents) experience with UK and Malaysia's nursery.

Before I start blogging any further, let me just clarify that this is just my PERSONAL experience. Not in anyway am I belittling Malaysia education. However, I really hope that these issues are being looked and implemented at all nurseries in the near future insha'Allah. 

Let me start with Khalid's experience in his UK nursery. For those of you who didn't know, Khalid was sent to a Government funded Islamic Nursery in Leicester. This means it is a free education paid for by the government. When we first sent him to the nursery, we had to attend an open day which talks about their goals on the school, teachers, parents and students. Its main focus was on students achievement. When I say student achievement, I am not talking about how many A's they should get or even how much they need to know beforehand. No, that wasn't their main focus. Khalid started school when he just turned 3 years old. In the UK, the intake starts in September, so the child has to turn 3 by August just before the intake. So that makes Khalid 3 years 3 months-ish when he started school. During the open day, the teacher told us that they do not expect the kids to know anything at all. Parents were NOT allowed to compare their child's progression to another child's. To them, every child is unique. They also said that the age difference mattered on how much a child needs to know. For example, there could be children who are 3 years 5 months, and every single DAY of their life they are experiencing new things therefore they could be more advanced than Khalid who just turned 3. Basically, when they give homework, they do not expect perfect work, they expect SCRIBBLES. 

Homeworks were given so that the parents can connect with the child rather than to compete with other children. Like Khalid, he gets excited when he gets his homework bag every Friday, because he knows the weekend will be full concentration on him trying to figure out how to do his homework. However, being an Asian Mother, I didn't know what the teachers were expecting (even after being briefed at the open day ;). Forcing him to do the correct way was the only way I wanted to go. I wouldn't accept scribbles because to me, that isn't the right way to do it. Alhamdulillah I managed to attend one of the parents teacher's day which his teacher showed us his school work and it was  mostly scribbles. To them, he was learning something even if it means to just "hold a pencil". Every little detail that Khalid did was looked at as "brilliant work". He gets "MashaAllah" stickers for a straight line which was supposed to be a colouring task. His school  exercises were never looked at as "rubbish", it was something more and only people with patience could view the true meaning of it. Fast forward the time, Khalid has learnt so much even ADDITIONS at such a young age. However in order for him to ADD he would normally subtract first. I have no idea why, but that is how he learns. We didn't stop him from his way of learning because to us that is a unique or rather more confusing way, but if he can do it, Alhamdulillah. School was a breeze for him. He loved it and particularly looked forward to "homework bag".

Dont worry, not his everyday look ;)
Now, let me share about his Nursery in Malaysia. His current nursery is Islamic and Malay Language based, you know, one of those "cheap nursery". The reason we wanted a Malay nursery was because we are not that fluent with Malay Language. Yes we can do rojak, but when it comes to proper Malay, sorry to say we are not that good. So we thought it is better for him to learn Malay from school and English insha'Allah he can learn from us. I see no necessity to send him to English based school (which I have heard from a few friends, their kids still come home speaking in Malay). Alhamdulillah, just yesterday I heard him talking to his friend... in English. Nonetheless, this friend of his understood what he was saying but replied to him in Malay. This is good because as much as he needs to learn Malay, his friends can also learn English from him insha'Allah. Kids catch up easily and I think it is good that we expose him to such a school because he can learn a lot, not only the basic school education but also about people around him. Alhamdulillah he is not judgmental against those who doesn't speak English. To him English is just a language and he learnt it in the UK.

So that was his friends. Let's find out about the teachers, shall we? When I registered Khalid in school I told the administrator that he only speaks English and can understand Malay. Alhamdulillah they were accommodating and put him in a class with a teacher who's been there for 16 years apparently. Therefore she knows how to educate and speak English. Of course I don't expect fluent British English. But yes, the teacher does speak English. If not a whole sentence at least a bit. One thing about Malaysian education is that, one teacher teaches ALL subject. Unlike in the UK, they make the kids go to different classes with different teachers for each and every subject. I asked his current teacher why is it that the kids have to be in the same class with the same teacher ALL THE TIME? In their defense, when the kids are "comfortable" with one teacher, they don't wanna shift about. It will be a hassle because they're not used to other teachers and will start crying. Now I understand why some of us do not dare to do public speaking. We were not exposed to different faces when we were young and was being mould by familiar faces. 
In UK however, they have different teachers for each subjects AND the children are taught to do a presentation once a week, this is called show & tell day. What they do is, they have the kids to bring things that are being discussed for the week. For example if they are learning about colours, the kids have to probably bring their favourite toys and show to their friends and tell as much as they could about the toy. No doubt the teacher will prompt them, but they will slowly get the flow and just want to talk. Hence Khalid's very outgoing and talkative behaviour. So when it comes to school nasheed or performances, the kids won't have any sort of stage fright because they are used to perform/present.

As for homework, yes Asians are Asians. We are such perfectionists when it comes to doing homework. We want nothing but A stars! Typically, Khalid got some feedback from his homework (as seen in picture). In a way, I was glad that the teacher 'wrote' something back at least I know my child's progression. BUT, I didn't take account the effect on him. I read out the teacher's comments and he was taken aback by the comments. To him, he's done his best! So, I had to explain to him that it is okay and he can work harder. Alhamdulillah, with the feedback he did work harder. He tried and tried so many times to get the 'correct' way of writing. When he finished his work, he said "I hope my teacher love my work because I did it the right way." I was anxious to get back his homework and read the feedback. As soon as he got the homework back, he said "how did I do Mommy? Did my teacher say I did it good?" Alhamdulillah there were stars, but the stars were the same as his first homework anyway. Thankfully, he didn't remember. He was glad that he got stars and all answers were ticked rather than crossed or wrote over it. Even though I am glad he is writing nicely and could do his homework better, I am scared for him. He was once a playful lad who would just play non stop and learn from playing. Like talking to himself, imagining things etc but now, he asks me for pencils and workbooks. As much as it is good, I DO NOT want him to become book clever. There is so much he can learn from exploring. So now I have to limit his workbook and only let him do work when he has homework. Alhamdulillah now he is good enough for his age and I don't want to take his childhood away from him.
So, there you go. This is my experience with these particular schools. I am not generalising with the whole of Malaysia nurseries! There may be better ones which are more expensive and this is my point, education should be standardised in some ways. Alhamdulillah I managed to gain some experience working in childcare settings and most of it are similar to Khalid's nursery in the UK. These comparisons that I am making doesn't need extra money from either the parents or nurseries. These type of learning skills or activities can easily be incorporated with those already being implemented in school. It is just a matter of improvising the needs. So, let's make a change! Let's suggest this type of activity to your child's nursery. Get the children to learn to speak for once and not spoken to all the time. It is amazing what our children can come out with. We need to teach them to talk when they want to and not only when they are upset. Insha'Allah, this will only make them a better child rather than not. ;) 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Explaining Surah Al-Fatihah to a 4 year old.

Ever since Khairaldin was a baby, we made sure that before we put him to sleep we read Surah Al-Fatihah, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq and An-Nas. Alhamdulillah when he turned 3 years old he was able to read it together with us. Now at 4 years old, his reading is fluent, Masha'Allah. Sometimes we feel that it is too early to teach them these surah because no doubt it is difficult. But we'll never know if we don't try. I have to say it wasn't a smooth journey teaching him Surah Fatihah but it was worth the time.

Other than teaching him the Arabic saying, we also tried to teach him the meaning. It is such a waste to read and yet not know the beautiful story behind what we are reading. We also do bedtime stories when he was younger, we let him choose whatever books he wants us to read. Normally he'll choose a picture dictionary or football tactics book. Yes I had to teach him all those penalty kicks why it happens and bla bla bla. Definitely not my cuppa tea. Hehe Then we bought him some Islamic books, like stories about Surah Baqarah, Kahf and a few others. To be honest, I learnt about these surah from his books as well. Sometimes I find it so hard to open the translation and read through it, Alhamdulillah, with the help of these books I learn more about these Surah. I would recommend every parents to own this book and make it an attempt to read to them before bedtime. Khairaldin thoroughly enjoyed these books because he could use his imagination more.

There are gradual steps that need to be done though. Kids are just like us. When it come to Islamic books he was rather reluctant at first. But we didn't give up. We started off with showing him pictures in the book. Making up stories about why Noah built his ark. We didn't read it word to word as how it is in the book because it was too many words and he gets bored easily. Once he's interested in knowing more about the book rather than the pictures, we then read to him from cover to cover. Alhamdulillah it built his interest from then on.

Truthfully, I haven't read to him for quite a while because there wasn't any books that is suitable for his age in this house for now. We are still waiting for our shipping to arrive (which hasn't been shipped yet hehe). Yesterday, Khairaldin caught me off guard after we read Surah Fatihah. He said to me, "Mommy can you tell me the story about Surah Fatihah?" The thing is, Iskandar is so much better at Qur'an translation than I am. So when he asked me that, I had to convey it in confidence just in case he knows I don't really know and yet I am "preaching" to him to be a good boy.

So I took a breather and begin to explain. We started off with Bismillahirahmannirahim. Then I explained each and every Surah at his level of understanding and in this case, it's my level of understanding too since I only just learnt it. I explained to him the need to read this surah every night and every solat. We need to be thankful for everything that we've done throughout the day. No matter how boring our day was we need to still be thankful that we get to at least go up and down the stairs (their favourite routine). If you know Khairaldin, he is such a thinker and a chatterbox. The story of Surah Fatihah wasn't like "it's about this this and this. Ok done letss sleep". For every word that I uttered he had questions to it. I was so scared if I don't manage to answer his questionSSS. Alhamdulillah I managed to make him get excited about Jannah and how amazing it is. Since he's into Power Rangers, I told him how easily he can get it from there. He doesn't even need d work for it over there but all his has to do is Solat and be good in this world. Then he went "oh noo, but I didn't solat yesterday." I had to explain to him it is ok now but not when he is bigger. He got the idea and was happy with himself. But it didn't stop there.

He then told me, "but Mommy, Allah is not real! We've never met him." THIS was difficult. I didn't wanna make it sound that we should believe regardless of anything and yet I didn't want to make it sound vague as if I'm trying to cover myself up. So then I told him "Of course Allah is real. We don't see him because he is busy preparing the things that we ask from him every time we solat and du'a. There are so many people in this world and everyone is asking for things. If Allah comes and see us, who's gonna get the things ready? Allah doesn't need help, he can do it himself. Like when you ask for Power Rangers, Allah might not give it to you now. But when you die and you have been a good boy, solat etc, you will go to Jannah and it's already there." I also said "It is like when Uncle Ha (my brother) wants to come over and we have to vacuum the house and we are so busy. Uncle Ha cannot see us because we are preparing for his arrival AND we are real right?" Then he understood and said "is Jannah like a really really long house that everyone will stay in there and Allah has to prepare the house?" Alhamdulillah I thought at least he gets the point! I replied "Jannah is so huge we can't even imagine how big it is, people Solat and do good things because they want to live in Jannah." He said "but there are so many people?" I answered "yes, but not everyone is doing good things. Sometimes you'll see those who doesn't solat. That's why we cannot copy them because they don't know how beautiful and amazing Jannah is. Remember solat and do good things Insha'Allah you'll have a place there." 

Ya Allah thank you so much for giving me the knowledge to answer all of his questions. I was scared that I will only push him away and show him difficulty but SubhanAllah with your help I managed to build his interest in Islam. Alhamdulillah!! I also told him, if you want Mommy and Abah and everyone in Jannah with you, you have to help us be good too. If mommy do something wrong you have to say, Mommy do u wanna go Jannah? Of course in his eyes Mommy can't do wrong so I wanted to teach that I am also human and sometimes make mistakes. I told him,"like if you hear the Azan and see Mommy still not done my Solat, you should say "Mommy go solat, u wanna join me in Jannah?" "

And he continued "Oh, like the other day when I heard the Azan and said, go solat, you said you were tired and wanted to rest first. if you wanna go Jannah you have to solat straight away Mommy." Yes boy, that's exactly what I mean! Hehehe So I gave hin the upper hand to advise me when I do wrong so that it will be fair when he does something silly, he gets told off as well. He can then see that we are not just scolding him but are actually advising one another for JANNAH!

May Allah continue to help me bring my children up the right way. And may my readers benefit from this post in case they get asked the same question. I didn't mind writing it out because I'm sure there are a few of us struggling in this field. May Allah make it easy on us. Amin ya Rabbalalamin!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Blues....

Continuation from THIS

So, other than the question on why we left UK, I also had people asking me "when are you going to start work?" "such a waste you didn't do your masters first before you leave." etc etc. Truthfully, when we decided to leave, nothing in the plan had anything about me having to have a job. In Malaysia, it is almost impossible to find one breadwinner in a household. Almost both parents have to work to support the family. However, Iskandar and I have sat down and discussed that even if I were to work, the money that I get would most probably be spent on childcare and transportation. Which doesn't make sense, really. For now, whilst the kids are still young it is sensible enough for me to be their full time carer. Getting a job is out of the question, at least for now.

Getting back to the Tazkirah, the title was about "work". Do you know how much our life revolves around our work? Maybe half or more of our life is revolve around our workplace. Try questioning yourself, aren't we sent in this world to worship Allah? Why do we spend most of our lifetime in work when it is by worshipping HIM that we get to enter Jannah. Well, if Allah wanted us to just pray and pray and pray, we would have done just that. But instead, Allah wants to make it more interesting for us. He wants us to have a choice in this life. He wants us to feel that we can be better by not only doing one thing. Therefore work is a neccesity for us to live comfortably now and Hereafter. Without money, our life would be chaotic and stressful.

Some of us might already know that work is an Ibadah. However, not every job is an Ibadah. There are certain criterias that make a job an Ibadah on its own. One of this is to have a Halal job and this means a job that that doesn't go against the country's law, religion and our moral. So, if you have this type of job, rest assured you are in a Halal job. Having a Halal job on its own doesn't make it an Ibadah. We need to do our job in order for it to be as good and as Halal as it may be. For instance, people might think those working at PLUS Highway giving out tickets have a rather pointless job. How could that job be an Ibadah if you might ask? Well, that job could be an ibadah on its own. Without these people you might not get to work on time. Without them, you won't be where you are today because your lecturers might not make it for classes therefore you'll miss a lot of lectures. So, can you see where I'm getting at? Such an "easy" job but yet they managed to change a lot of people's life. Without those 'ticket people' we ourselves couldn't get to our work to start on our own Ibadah.

The next time you go to work, set your mind positively. Don't count the number of hours you have left at work rather count the number of hours you have left to change people's life. Then you will realise how much time is running out. Remember without you and of course Allah, your colleagues won't be where they are today. If you didn't finish your job, imagine how much suffering you are putting on other people. So, love your job and do it with lots of passion. Don't think about how much money you will get at the end of the month. Think about how much work you have done and with that work how much money has been generated and change others' life. With the work that you are doing, you could be the source of help to a family who's been suffering from marriage problem. By you doing your job with your heart and soul it only means that you are changing the life of others.

If you ever get Monday Blues, sit down quietly and think why you are doing this job. Don't let money be the reason why you're doing it because in the end, the money will finish after the first week of pay day. Let your job be the place where you can fulfill your ibadah. If you really do wanna work, do it not only for this life but mostly for the hereafter. Remember, your job doesn't end as soon as you finish it up. It is only just the beginning because what you have just finish doing is a start for other people and it carries on and on. You've not only helped ease yourself from your workload, but you've also helped others to do their job smoothly.

Yes, not everyone would do things your way and up to your standard. In the end of the day, you have to start and let others take you as a role model. Insha'Allah, that in itself had scored you some good behaviour points in Allah's eyes, which is the only eye that matters and not your Managers or CEOS etc. Do it for the sake of Allah.

Allah has also promised us in Surah Al-Kahf ayat 7: Surely We have made all that is on the earth and embellishment for it in order to test people as to who of them is BETTER in conduct. Allah did not ask us to do MORE WORK in this world in order for us to attain Jannah. HE wants us to do things good and with all our heart so that we can live happily in the Hereafter. Even though if you are not recognised by your superiors, don't despair. Do your best and Allah has also promised us in ayat 8: In the ultimate, We shall reduce all that is on the earth to a barren plain. Again, it is all for the Hereafter as the world means nothing without our ultimate goal!

I bid you all good night and pray that you can change other's life by just being there at your workplace and finishing your workload. Insha'Allah.

"Why did you leave UK??"


Alhamdulillah we got the chance to "meet" again. As most of you might already know, my family and I have decided to come back to Malaysia for GOOD. I have been in the UK for 11 years and Iskandar joined me aftter marriage which makes it about 6years. Our decision to come back home was rather spontaneous and yet partly planned. Everyone has been asking us, why would we choose to stay in Malaysia since UK is more advanced in many ways, especially their education. Yes, I could not agree more, UK is one of the best place to bring up the children seeing that their education is FREE and more 'relaxed'. As for Malaysia, good education means expensive and more stress. Regardless of all that, our decision remains.

The reason we came back to Malaysia wasn't because of the education, food or anything along that line. Our main reason for moving back was to gain more knowledge in Islam. I had been envious of my friends who always post reviews on Islamic seminars that they go to during the weekends. It's amazing how easy they can access such knowledge. You see, in the UK we do have Islamic talks too. However, the talks are normally held in London which is quite a distance from us. Even if they do, it's almost impossible for us to go as a family. This is because most of the Masjid in UK would not allow ladies to enter therefore it would always be Iskandar going for the talks and updating me on it. I wouldn't mind getting infos from him in that sense, however, I have always been brought up to join my parents for Islamic talks at Masjid. We definitely want the same for our kids and want them to be exposed to Islam in various ways.

When Iskandar and I was contemplating on coming back for good we came across this hadith; The messenger of Allah salla Allah u alihi wa sallam say : "Actions are but by intention and every man shall have but that which he intended. Thus he whose migration was for Allah and His messenger, his migration was for Allah and His messenger, and he whose migration was to achieve some worldly benefit or to take some woman in marriage, his migration was for that for which he migrated." Alhamdulillah I have managed to attend a Tazkirah and Qiamullail last weekend with my parents. My dad's company hosts the Qiamullail once every 2 months and Alhamdulillah, last weekend was one of them and Insha'Allah the next one will be on the 27th Ramadhan or earlier. I am very happy that Allah had answered our prayers and have granted us what we need in this world and hereafter.

The day before the Qiamullail, I attended a cousin's wedding in Nilai. We drove up and came home in the evening. I was so tired and didn't think I could attend the Tazkirah that night. Little did I know, Allah was the one who gave me strength and 'made' me attend the talk regardless of my physical state. AllahuAkbar. I managed to get myself ready for the Tazkirah and definitely enjoyed the talk given by the Ustaz. SubhanAllah, the ustaz gave such a simple tazkirah but it meant so much to me, especially. I shall share the Tazkirah in another post which I will continue writing straight away just because I don't want this post to look too-much-info that you will leave the page and lose the insights. So, if you do wanna read up on the Tazkirah, please click on the next link.

Tazkirah :) 

Friday, March 29, 2013

RIA by Raja Iva Adnanne

Ehem ehem.

I'm here now

Do check it out for more frequent updates, Insha'Allah. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


This year 's winter is too long. I can feel that I'm slowly getting SAD. Sigh.

.........and I've just decided to delete a whole paragraph. :(

Monday, March 04, 2013

Khalid's first nasheed

Last Saturday Khalid had his first school performance. Masha'Allah it was truly amazing. The children gave their all on that day. Almost all parents had tear in their eyes or actually cried during the performance. The topic was about Qur'an and it's just amazing how the kids prayed with their heart out. Allahuakbar!! It was great and I just cried watching it. Investing in Islamic education does not only last for now but insha'Allah and most importantly till hereafter.

Above it all, Alhamdulillah for this opportunity given to me. To keep my kids grounded in their faith. SubhanAllah. We weren't allowed to record the nasheed but it's already been etched in my heart. At that point I realise there are things that you just have to give your 100% concentration and I'm glad they didn't allow any photos or videos. I was there and my heart was literally taking the nasheed word for word. If I had the videos etc, I'm sure I'd be too busy fiddling with the cameras and not concentrate .


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Big brother Khalid

Dear Khalid,

Today you're not feeling too well. You have been cranky all day and have been sleeping most of the time. Whilst you're awake, I left Layina and you downstairs so I can have a quick shower. Yes, that's the risk a stay at home mom have to take at times. I believe angels will also look upon your shoulder inshaAllah. When I went upstairs, Layina was crying because she was tired. I didn't entertain her as I had to get ready for Uncle Shahrir to come. Abah went out to fetch him from the train station. As I was in the shower, Layina went quiet. I had my shower and came downstairs. Uncle Abang was home by then and Layina was already asleep. I thought Uncle Abang put her to sleep but apparently you told him the whole story. And here goes.

You told Uncle Abang that Layina was crying then you put your hand out as if wanting to carry her. You were lying down on the sofa coz you were tired and so out of it. Layina then walked towards you and just joined you on the sofa. Khalid, at 3 years old you hugged your sister and put her to sleep. She slept on you and you didn't move. Although in my eyes you're always a baby, I know, InshaAllah you will grow up to be a great and reliable big brother! Just the way I want you to be. Amin!! Please don't let others belittle you for the loving person you are to your family. From small you know that your sister needs you and you're there for her. Khalid, please remember that your sister will always need your love and help no matter how big and tough she acts in front of you. As a big brother, please to always be there to make her happy and to lift her up when she's down. Mommy and Abah will always pray for the best for all of you. InshaAllah.

I love you and I'm sure Layina feels the same way for you, Abang Khalid.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Can't find it, make it!

Layina's running low on pajama bottoms! Since the snow started, she is wee-ing more often so she's wetting her trousers. Since I couldn't find any bottoms for her, I thought I better make one. So I did and it took me about half an hour! who knew this day could ever happen. Alhamdulillah!!

Here's her first palazzo. ;) Please excuse me because Khalid is expecting me to sew something for him in a jiffy too! 

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

My loves.

I feel so bad for not updating about Khairaldin and Layina for a while now! This blog is supposed to be their platform to reminisce the fond memories if one day I leave the world before getting the chance to tell them what they're like when they're babies. But somehow I feel that jotting down every single thing couldn't justify the whole "being there" memories. So now I have chosen to be there with them more rather than clicking away on my phone and taking lots of their pics as memories. Because, I might even miss a few things that are more important when I am busy setting up the camera/phone. So the memory remains in me.

Saying that, my kids now find the necessity to "self potrait" or document their everyday routines. Hehe they kinda took over my "job". Here's a picture of Layina being vain and capturing hereself and the other is a picture of Khairaldin capturing his "what I ate today". Blogger much? ;)

It scares me how much they mimic what I say and do! However, I am glad I get to be there and make sure I'm showing them what is good and bad. I always get praises on how well behaved my kids are and all I have to say is, Alhamdulillah I was made redundant almost 4 years ago as this is definitely the best job ever- MOTHERHOOD! Only a mother can discipline, care and love the child all at the same time. It's true that you have to be there in your kids' life for them to be there for yours later on. I couldn't have learn all this if my mom was a working mom. I'm sure she went thru a lot to bring the 7 of us up but I'm sure she never regretted being a Mother first before anything else. I love my mom so much! Alhamdulillah for the chance to still learn from her on how to bring up my own children.

Lots of love.