Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The 5 months old baby?

Khairaldin turned 5 months yesterday. I used to keep track of his age by weeks but once he turned 3 months, I rarely keep track of his age. Thanks to the conuter above to keep me updated with his age! hehe So, Hubby & I will be busy google-ing recipes for his first solids NEXT month. That's definitely not long to go. I always feel butterflies in my tummy when thinking about him having solids. I'm not sure how to start........

His nursery nurse did come for a visit to brief on how to slowly wean him off. However, I'm not planning to wean him off breastmilk until he's about 2years old, at least! I'm not sure whether I need to start expressing my breastmilk and give it to him in a bottle or just continue to give him milk from the breast. It's rather challenging to give him milk from the bottle. I used to feed him from the bottle when he was about 2months old but he didn't take it too well. He used to cry his head off and my mom stopped me from feeding him from the bottle because it was THAT bad. So ever since, I've not touched his bottle at all! My breastpump is only being used when I have engorged boobs but most of the time he's already awake when my boobs are too engorged! hehehe

I'd also prefer to cook his food rather than buying those off the shelf. I read in one of the Islamic books about feeding a child. Apparently, the child will grow up to be "soleh(ah)" if the person who cooks the food are those who follow the rules of Allah (ie; praying 5 times a day etc etc). So really, I would prefer to bring up my child as a good muslim and if that's being the case, I'd rather cook for him. (I know at this point people will argue that the way we bring him up does matter as well, and YES I am aware of that. However I also believe that "air tangan" when cooking the child's food matter as much!)

So where do I start? Khairaldin's nursery nurse said that on his 6th month, I have to start the morning by giving him breastmilk first then only start with solid foods. But how much is too much??? :-S I'm also looking up for easy to cook recipes for the first few weeks because I know he won't have as much for the first week. Gosh, I'm already missing the time when he only depends on me for his source of food! Now it's like anyone and everyone can feed him. I miss him already! :-|

Above it all, I'm really thankful to get the chance to fully breastfeed him until today and Insha'Allah until he decides to wean off. Although I had my episodes of wanting to stop because of some infections I still managed to be strong and put my head up high! Alhamdulillah. Without Hubby's help and "cheerleading" I definitely wouldn't be writing this right now. It's not easy to feed him but I managed. ALHAMDULILLAH. I hope it'll be an easier journey for me with my next ones. Insha'Allah.

For this next few days, I will try to update as often since once he starts solids I will be busy in the kitchen! heheheh

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glam.mama said...

I understand that feeling of not being the only source of food anymore...I was quite sad about that with Aqil as well. It does get easier, though. But even till now, I try to be the one to feed my kids, either from my breasts or from a spoon :)

Btw, since Khairaldin is going to start solids in a month, perhaps you could do some reading about child-led weaning (CLW). That is the route we took with both our boys since they hate purees and I hate forcing food on them (I've seen some messed up people with eating disorders because of being forced to "finish all the food on the plate" when they were small).

Sorry this turned out long! Love the counters, btw!