Monday, June 18, 2012


Ever since my brother- Ilyas intorduced me to this Picmix software, I've been hooked!! It is ala insta.gram and it's just amazing! Ok, I have to say Blackberry's camera ain't all that but with this picmix, the pictures are of better quality. So, kudos to my bro for introducing it!

However, I don't think my dad would be keen of me ditching my Lumix coz it cost a lot. I'm not planning to though! haha I have been snapping a few pics from my Lumix too and it's just a matter of time I transfer it onto the PC and share it on here. Insha'Allah pretty soon!

Last  Saturday was Khalid Khairaldin's THIRD birthday! Because most of his pics were in Lumix, I am just finidng time to sit down and update properly. I have written a draft blog on my trusted Blackberry but because I hate to blog without pictures, lets just say, wait for a while yeah? Insha'Allah the time will definitely come. :) As for now, let's just enjoy Layina's picture at the park. Please don't cringe at her pic on the sand, I know some mothers wouldn't allow their child to do such a thing but I'm just too laid back to care about germs. heheh ;)

Oh, speaking of which, when in Malaysia, we went to A&W PJ for dinner and saw this grandpa carrying a bottle of dettol spray and cloth with him everywhere he goes. Since there were those kids arcade kinda games outside there, his granddaugther wanted to play with it. Everytime before the granddaughter touches anything, he'd spray the dettol and clean it of first!! Woah! That's one hard working grandpa there! Honestly, I am not that hard working and would just let my children play where they want to as long as there isn't any dog/cat poo. In the UK, that is something rare to find at parks because most of the owners would be walking their dog with plastic bags to collect & throw the poos away. So yeah. That's why I became too laid back. :D

Until my next post Insha'Allah!

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