Saturday, February 09, 2013

Big brother Khalid

Dear Khalid,

Today you're not feeling too well. You have been cranky all day and have been sleeping most of the time. Whilst you're awake, I left Layina and you downstairs so I can have a quick shower. Yes, that's the risk a stay at home mom have to take at times. I believe angels will also look upon your shoulder inshaAllah. When I went upstairs, Layina was crying because she was tired. I didn't entertain her as I had to get ready for Uncle Shahrir to come. Abah went out to fetch him from the train station. As I was in the shower, Layina went quiet. I had my shower and came downstairs. Uncle Abang was home by then and Layina was already asleep. I thought Uncle Abang put her to sleep but apparently you told him the whole story. And here goes.

You told Uncle Abang that Layina was crying then you put your hand out as if wanting to carry her. You were lying down on the sofa coz you were tired and so out of it. Layina then walked towards you and just joined you on the sofa. Khalid, at 3 years old you hugged your sister and put her to sleep. She slept on you and you didn't move. Although in my eyes you're always a baby, I know, InshaAllah you will grow up to be a great and reliable big brother! Just the way I want you to be. Amin!! Please don't let others belittle you for the loving person you are to your family. From small you know that your sister needs you and you're there for her. Khalid, please remember that your sister will always need your love and help no matter how big and tough she acts in front of you. As a big brother, please to always be there to make her happy and to lift her up when she's down. Mommy and Abah will always pray for the best for all of you. InshaAllah.

I love you and I'm sure Layina feels the same way for you, Abang Khalid.

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