Monday, March 04, 2013

Khalid's first nasheed

Last Saturday Khalid had his first school performance. Masha'Allah it was truly amazing. The children gave their all on that day. Almost all parents had tear in their eyes or actually cried during the performance. The topic was about Qur'an and it's just amazing how the kids prayed with their heart out. Allahuakbar!! It was great and I just cried watching it. Investing in Islamic education does not only last for now but insha'Allah and most importantly till hereafter.

Above it all, Alhamdulillah for this opportunity given to me. To keep my kids grounded in their faith. SubhanAllah. We weren't allowed to record the nasheed but it's already been etched in my heart. At that point I realise there are things that you just have to give your 100% concentration and I'm glad they didn't allow any photos or videos. I was there and my heart was literally taking the nasheed word for word. If I had the videos etc, I'm sure I'd be too busy fiddling with the cameras and not concentrate .


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