Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Final day of Ramadhan 1431 :'(

Alhamdulillah! We've still got one day of Ramadhan left to continue worshipping our creator without any distraction from the devils! This Ramadhan has been a different one compared to my previous years. I used to countdown the days to Syawal and getting excited about Syawal but this year, I am really sad to see it leave us behind.

Ramadhan, the month of the Quran first being revealed and the ending of its revelation to our Prophet Muhammad Salallahu Alaihi Wassalam. It's such a peaceful and sacred month to every one of us Muslims. I used to fast for the sake of fasting and not knowing the background story. However, since I know what Ramadhan is all about it just brings tears to my eyes. I always think 'Ya Allah! After all that the Prophet's gone through for us, how could we take this month so lightly?!" It's a shame to know people who would fast for hoursssss but still do not worship Allah. It saddens me EVERY single time! But hey, if Allah wants to open their heart, in an instant he would do it. So, I can only pray every day and night that Allah will open those people's heart to the right path. Insha'Allah!!!

I have to say, restraining myself from eating and drinking was the easiest part of Ramadhan. I also managed to khatam the Quran and do as much Solat Sunat, Alhamdulillah! However, I can't deny that I am still working towards being a better person by not talking about others behind their back. That's the hardest part of all!! Ya Allah, please help me through this stage as I really do not want to be backbiting anyone, ever again!! Amin!

Anyway, as Ramadhan is slowly creeping away and the devils are slowly creeping out, let me just take this moment to ask for forgiveness from every single one of you who are reading. I am sorry for any wrong things I have said and done. I am a normal human being with mistakes. If there are any wrongdoings of mine that you would like to point out, please do so as I would love to work on becoming a better person. Insha'Allah! Ya Allah, I am really begging for your forgiveness!!!!! Amin Yarabbal Alamin.

I hope I will be around next Ramadhan to worship HIM and keep on doing good deeds in this life. If not, I pray that I will continue doing what I have been doing and be placed amongst the righteous people. AMIN!
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