Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why go FB hiatus?

Do you remember the time when Facebook had the word 'is' in its status update? Do you remember the time when 'giving drinks, poking,slapping etc etc' your friends on Facebook seems to be interesting? Do you remember the time when whatever you say on Facebook isn't being 'published' to all? Well I do and I miss those times.

I first joined FB when I was still in Uni, year 2008. That time it wasn't a big hit at all. Myspace was still the famous social networking site. Somewhere along the way everyone I know or used to know is on FB. I remember I had to explain to Iskandar what FB is all about. Since he's not into social networking websites, we decided to just share an account to add our family and friends. Until today, we are still sharing the same account. We don't find it a necessity to have separate accounts because I know his family and friends and he knows mine. Instead of adding on separate accounts we might as well do it on one. Sometimes people get confused as to who updates the status. Truth be told, Iskandar's only updated the status about once or twice, no joke!!

I'm so pleased that my husband doesn't care about this social networking because to me it's such a girl's thing. No doubt he still checks his friend's profile for updates which most of the time remains the same for monthss! Typical guys I tell ya! So he does go on FB once in awhile. I say FB is a girl's thing because majority of people who updates status on 'our' FB are girls. Almost 90% of the statuses are pure vanity and emotional outburst, I am definitely not kidding! Seeing these statuses made me look back at mine and think, is there really a necessity to share every single thing that I do?? I somehow felt embarrassed with most of my status updates and picture updates. It somehow just doesn't seem right to do it anymore. So that's why I took a break from FB, to reflect on myself and what I 'share' to the 'world'. 

The other thing that gets to me is how some status updates are pure lies! I say this because I know these people very much! Too much that when I read their status it will make me cringe and think, "why do you have to put on a fa├žade on your status update/wall?!". It surely is saddening because people don't realise that what they write will one day be transcribed back to us. These words will be read back when we die. So, why pretend? The world that we are living in is temporary. Don't try to embarrass ourselves in the hereafter when everything is read back to us.

Facebook is evil to some point. No doubt it has its benefits and good points too! Sometimes, there are things that you are just not supposed to say out loud but you do. You don't know who you're hurting even if your intention was to just 'share'. I have decided that if I have nothing Islamic or family related to say, I will not share anything on my status updates. I don't share anything and everything about Islam, the things that I have never attempted to do in myself I will never share. Whenever I write these status updates I'm not bothered of how many 'likes' or 'comments' I get. I would rather people think about what is said on my status rather than just liking the status. I always have hopes that if people like my Islamic status they might act upon it. But Iskandar's told me to not put high hopes on that, because if Allah wants to give them 'hidayah' He will do no matter how obvious I have conveyed the message.

I always pray that Allah swt will always open our heart and mind to the right path. There's nothing worth talking about other than Allah and Islam. I have come to a point I can't speak to some people because of our differences in practising Islam. It's a shame, a true shame. But I never stopped praying that these people will get the hidayah from Allah swt.
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