Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy 26th Birthday, Iva! :)

Alhamdulillah! I've just turned 26 years old on the 12th of October. After being a Mom for 1 year and 4 months, I have come to realise that birthdays aren't such a big of deal. I used to always want to celebrate with my friends and have parties. But now, I feel like it's not something for me to celebrate. It's more for my Mommy. After all the hard work she's gone through during pregnancy, labour, bringing me up, I feel that she should get the recognition rather than me. Not to say I'm not glad, but I'd rather not make it a big deal for myself.

Anyway, Iskandar's family is so used to NOT celebrating birthdays. He's all 4 boys in the family and yeah, boys being boys, they couldn't care less. So they are used to only getting birthday cards and I thought that's cool. So we're starting the trend too. We'll only get birthday cards and no presents. We've started with Khairaldin at least :D. We feel that we don't need that one day to buy something and be spoiled. Alhamdulillah, with the money that we've got, we have managed to spoil each other every month, at least. Not anything big, but just spend if we feel the need to.

However, since I'm the only 'Queen' in the house. Iskandar felt the need to spoil me, none the less. So he surprised me with 2 cards! One from Khairaldin and one from him. I was putting Khairaldin to sleep and he tried to sneak the card in Khairldin's hand to pass to me. Of course I went all teary eyed!!! Hehehe The wordings, spot on! Loved every bit of it. Even though it was just a card, I really felt good receiving it!! The gesture of him giving it to means so much more than buying expensive presents.

Well it didn't end there! He also suprised me with a bouquet of flowers and lilies had to be part of it! :) We also went out for lunch and later had an evening family nap! 'Twas bliss!!! Later for dinner, I cooked for Mom and Dad! My day ended well, Alhamdulillah. I want nothing more in life except for great health and knowledge to bring up my family the Islamic way so we can live happily in here and the hereafter! Amin!!

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Min said...

Happy Birthday my dear! Semoga kebahagiaan sentiasa bersama Iva sekeluarga dunia & akhirat...