Friday, October 15, 2010

How TLC came about....... :)

Dear loyal readers, (ehem, if there's any at all)
I am sorry for my lack of updates for the last few weeks/month! I have noone else to blame but myself. As you know, my blog is more of "educational" stuff rather than mindless jots. So, since I have been so tide up with my new business venture, I haven't had time to do some decent reading. I managed to glance through a chapter about Islamic Parenting and how to teach kids to learn about Islam, but haven't sat/lay down properly to read it. Insha'Allah, I hope I have some educational time to slot in.

So, what's this new business venture?
Well well, if you've been my Facebook friend, I am sure you didn't miss out on this news. But who knows you might have since I update at random time! Here's the *big* news. Ever since Ramadhan 1431, I have been into baking. I'm not so much into cooking but will cook when given the chance to. I've been baking cookies, cakes and some other Malaysian food. Alhamdulillah, with that new talent acquired, I have now managed to bake yummy cakes, as claimed by many tasters out there. Heheh I thought it was just a one off hobby but Alhamdulillah it's been going on for long now.

Since my cakes are approved yummy-licious, I have asked Allah through Solat Istikharah that I would like to carry on this hobby as a business venture. I have prayed and asked him for guidance if this is the right thing to do (as advised by Hubby dearest) and Alhamdulillah, I did have a good dream. It took a few prayers before the 'sign' was given to me but it finally came in good. Without hesitation, both Iskandar and I jumped onto the bandwagon and started brainstorming!!! (Ok this somehow reminds me of one of Khairaldin's cartoon song. Gah!) We brainstormed the name and Iskandar creatively came out with the idea The Licious Cake. I only told him that I want the abbreviation to be TLC since that's how passionate I am about it. So that's how the name came about. All the technical website stuff is fully created and maintained by him. It looks good! Do check out I've nothing to complain (after millions of changes) for now. Heheh Alhamdulillah I've such great husband! Ok let's not get too mushy and get side tracked!! Typical Iva.

Anyway, I am so glad I asked Allah for guidance before making my own decision. Since our intention was to cater for the Muslims and to make sure everything was Halal, Allah swt even guided us in choosing the products!! We were too blinded with all these brand names that we forgot to read the ingredients but since Allah knows our intention, he "showed" us right in the face that one of the product was not Halal as it contained alcohol! SubhanAllah. I was truly amazed as to how we could miss such an important thing like that and at the same time very grateful, Alhamdulillah that Allah guided us back to the right path!

I am now a true believer that without Allah's/ our Creator's permission, we are easily being misgudied from the right path. No matter how small or silly our needs are, ask Him for guidance. HE created us so, HE definitely knows what's best for us. The knowledge that we have is such miniscule compared to HIS so there is noone better to ask for guidance other than our own Creator. HE didn't send us down here to burden us, so if we believe in him, no doubt everything is made super easy for us if he Wills! Always remember to ask HIM for anything at all as he is the only ONE that would understand us and could help us, without a doubt.

At first, I had hesitation wanting to do Solat Istikharah because I thought to myself, I'm not contemplating on whether I want to do this cake business or not. I'm sure I want to do it, so why ask HIM? But Iskandar kept telling me to ask HIM first. Now I know why. It's not only when you're in need of guidance to seek for him. It's also a "one-to-one" session we could have with our Creator just to ask whether it's beneficial to do it or not. It is also about asking HIS permission to start the business. We might feel that it is a great idea, but Allah has plans for us. In certain cases, if we want to use a person's stuff without permission they will be angry and feel like we've stolen the stuff from them. It is just the same case here, Allah has given us this life (which doesn't belong to us) so it's only fair to constantly seek his permission and not steal what is HIS. HE knows when, what, where we should start or stop certain things. Like I said, I felt that it was the right thing to do but I was only seeing MY point of view. Allah however, HE is looking at every other views, my husband, my child, parents, siblings or even my enemies! HE knows what's best and HE only wants the best for his creation. Alhamdulillah! I'm so glad I took that extra effort to "talk" to him.

As I'm writing this, I still haven't received a single cake order but I still feel the determination and am not regretting any of my decisions. Because I know I have seek HIS guidance. Now it's just the time for Iskandar and I to work harder to promote and finally tawakkal and redha to everything that's been planned for us. Insha'Allah.

My advice to all of you is, don't take HIM for granted. HE is always there to listen to us and grants us whatever is best for us and all. So speak to HIM often, be thankful for every single thing he's given to us. Insha'Allah, our life will be so much happier and merrier. :)

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