Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our healthcare experience in Malaysia (part 2)

So, day 2 didn't go as well as we would have thought. The doctor came and examined just once. We waited anxiously for the doctor to knock our door on day 3. All the 3 of us woke up early hoping we could go home before noon. Well, long story short she came quite late and Khairaldin couldn't be discharged by noon time. He had another course of antibiotic to finish up. So we had to wait.......

Oh, remember the doctor asked for Khairaldin's urine on day 2? Again I had to ask on the results. The doctor was soooo blur that she had to ask the nurse what the result was. That part wasn't so annoying, what was annoying was that the urine couldn't be processed because he was dehydrated!!! Seriously??? Couldnt they tell before taking it? I won't complain if the procedure was an easy and not painful on him. It's not that easy to put the urine bag on Khairaldin and it was painful!!! They should've thought of it first before asking us for the urine! Anyway, the doctor had the cheek to request for another urine sample. I had half my mind to not carry on with it because Khairaldin has became somewhat phobia with the nurses. But because it was for his health, we gave them permission to go ahead and literally stick another bag. The doctor then said she'll come back in the evening to give us the result. Heh.

We carried on with the waiting game. Khairaldin slept for a while after he was given his antibiotic. Around 3p.m, he was bored and wanted to run around. We took him round the ward and the room since we couldn't do much just in case the doctor arrives. Thankfully he managed to keep himself occupied regardless of being in a boring hospital. He went in and out the 'cupboard', not so sure how many times but he wasn't complaining. 

About 6p.m, the doctor came to check on him and of course by this time it's wayyy obvious that he was well and kicking, Alhamdulillah. The doctor asked if we were happy to be discharged and of course we couldn't help it but to shout a big "YES!!". She then told us that we could go as there was nothing 'seriously' wrong with him. We asked again.....how was his urine result and she said, "oh, that's all clear, no worries." We asked, what exactly went wrong with him? She said "it's "PROBABLY" just gastric and nothing big". And she asked, "oh by the way, has he ever had a rotavirus injection?" We confirmed that he never had one and asked why? She said, "oh nothing, but he's not got any rotavirus". Alright, fair enough. Even though we were given a 'probably' diagnosis, we pretended to be happy and packed our bags to go home. After all, every hour at a private hospital is billed onto your bill. So, escape as soon as they give you the green light to do so! No kidding.

That's us excited to go home and just waiting for our bill

Really my point of writing here is not to say that the healthcare service in Malaysia is all bad. I mean come on, we've only been to one and it was an unfortunate event that we were given the 'not so right' doctor. I'm sure there are a few good doctors at DSH, if not at least one. A few people asked us to change doctor but it was too late then. I don't get the idea of it being a specialist and private hospital yet we were treated as if we were not paying them enough. After the supposedly diagnosis, we even felt as if we were just being admitted for our money more than for his sickness. I was so sure we could be discharged by day 2 as Khairaldin was feeling much better. But sadly, the doctor wasn't around.

Anyway, we had a follow up appointment, and when we were in her clinic, she didn't even look in her file and started asking us, "is he the one with rotavirus?". We said, not that we know off. Then she carried on saying "I think it was him because we did a test and it came back positive for rotavirus." Seriously, if you are a parent, you would be so anxious and wanting to know more about it. Her "I thinks" were really disturbing and it took her 10 minutes to check with the nurse. In the end, she came back and said, "oh no, it wasn't him. It was another child who came in at the same time as him." WHATTTTTTTT??????? Sigh. It's really an unpleasant experience. If it was a government hospital, we wouldn't mind because we know how many cases they have to attend to in a day. Well, at least more than that of private hospital! So yeah, we had a reason to be upset.

My advice is for you Mommies and Daddies to check which 'good paeditrician' there is at the hospital you're sending your child to. Doesn't mean it is a private and specialist hospital everyone there is up to the standard you'd expect. :)


Guy3 said...

OMG Iva u gotta be kidding me! What kinda of a doctor says i think i think? Utter nonsense and just cause of that one doctor, the hospital's reputation goes down the drain! I guess they don't quite mind since they're getting paid left right n center! Jeez sickening! Poor baby.. M glad he's well and that u guys r back in UK at least! Take care..

Raja Iva Adnanne said...

Farah Che Ghani
Imho iva I think its best to say its your healthcare experience in DSH (maybe even mention the paed so we know who not to go to) rather than to say in Malaysia, the title kind of makes it seem like ur talking of ur bad experience in malaysi...an healthcare system, not just the particular one you went to.
Just my 2 cents.See more
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Raja Iskandar Iva Thanks for the feedback, Farah! Reason it's 'Malaysia' is because it's a compilation of 3 different places we went to. I've yet to blog about the 3rd one though. As for the name, she was referred to as 'Datin' rather than 'Dr. So and so', I've to look for the bill as can't remember her name. Hehehe but will definitely amend when I've got her name in hand. :)
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Farah Che Ghani
I haven't had any particular bad experiences in our hosps, alhamdulillah. Even now my visits to DSH have been anything but pleasant (thts where I go for my pregnancy check-ups). And yea if u know what the name of the datin dr is let me know... hehe. The paed I'm recommended by fam members at dsh is dr musa. The obgyn I'm with now is dr maziah. All fam recommended. I guess I'm lucky in a way that I've got people telling me which dr to go to :)
Say hi to baby khairaldin for me. My mom cudnt stop gushing abt how well behaved ur baby boy is when u guys visited our home :)See more
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Farah Che Ghani ‎-_-" i meant 'have been nothing but pleasant' haha
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Raja Iskandar Iva
Heheh got u the first time bout the pleasant bit. Yeah u really need to know people who knows which DR to go to etc. We were in a rush, so just settled with anyone.

Btw, your Mom's just too kind. Khairaldin was literally ransacking her kitc...hen! Hehehe I'm sure your baby will be spoiled rotten. :)See more
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