Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time flies.....

Tomorrow, 1st April 2011 Insha'Allah I will be 7 months pregnant. I've not blog much about my second pregnancy as compared to my first. Alhamdulillah, everything is the same; feeling, treatment from hubby and loved ones and just everything is like that special first time pregnant feeling. From the moment before I found out of my pregnancy until today, I'm experiencing the same exact feeling as when I was carrying Khairaldin. The only difference this time around is that I have more aches and pains. Well, what would you expect, I've an active toddler who somehow suddenly needs my attention. Ever since the baby started moving, Khairaldin has been so clingy and demanding. Everything will be "Mommy this, Mommy that." I'm sure he's tad bit jealous but at the same time whenever we talk about 'the baby' he's the one coming to my tummy and kissing it. I pray that his love for his li'l brother or sister will grow stronger as soon as they meet each other physically, Insha'Allah.

Anyway, I remember compiling photos of my first pregnancy. It's like, everyone wanted to see how a "small" lady like me can carry such huge belly. So, this time around, I'm gonna do the same just because I wanna be fair. Speaking of "small", Iskandar kept saying that I looked bigger/chubbier when I was pregnant with Khairaldin, this time around, I'm not that chubby. LOL! He made my day for sure. :D The last time I checked, I've only put on 8kilos and to think I'm almost 7 months pregnant. I just hope I wont put a lot more at the very last stages. I managed to put on about 15kgs when I was carrying Khairaldin, so yeah you can see why I'm happy about the compliment. ;)  

Other than that, I'm just praying this will be a smooth sailing pregnancy and delivery. May Allah give me the strength that I truly need from now until the day comes. I'm still having trouble trying to get Khairaldin to sleep with others than myself. If he can't accommodate with this change then the next thing is to pray harder that I will give birth at wee hours in the morning when he's sound asleep. AMIN!!!! Either way, I'm sure HIS plan is way better than mine. So I'll do the best I can now and let HIM plan the rest. Insha'Allah.

Here goes, me being pregnant. Hahaha
6 weeks pregnant

I didn't know I was pregnant until 7 weeks later!

I was carrying Khairaldin for a total of 10 hours!! Beat that.

Such a long gap after that because I didn't know I was pregnant. Pictures above was just a coincidence as we were on holiday. I would've documented my journey if I had known earlier. But hey, you can't really see the tummy till 20+ weeks anyway.

20 weeks pregnant
24 weeks pregnant
26 weeks pregnant
Tasha at 6 months pregnant and I maybe 15 weeks pregnant

I just love how my cheeks aren't that pregnant like chubby, if u know what I mean! Or, maybe I grew into it? Blegh.
So, that's some random update from me which you will not get that often. Maybe the next time will be during my third pregnancy? Well, who knows. :)

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