Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Blues....

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So, other than the question on why we left UK, I also had people asking me "when are you going to start work?" "such a waste you didn't do your masters first before you leave." etc etc. Truthfully, when we decided to leave, nothing in the plan had anything about me having to have a job. In Malaysia, it is almost impossible to find one breadwinner in a household. Almost both parents have to work to support the family. However, Iskandar and I have sat down and discussed that even if I were to work, the money that I get would most probably be spent on childcare and transportation. Which doesn't make sense, really. For now, whilst the kids are still young it is sensible enough for me to be their full time carer. Getting a job is out of the question, at least for now.

Getting back to the Tazkirah, the title was about "work". Do you know how much our life revolves around our work? Maybe half or more of our life is revolve around our workplace. Try questioning yourself, aren't we sent in this world to worship Allah? Why do we spend most of our lifetime in work when it is by worshipping HIM that we get to enter Jannah. Well, if Allah wanted us to just pray and pray and pray, we would have done just that. But instead, Allah wants to make it more interesting for us. He wants us to have a choice in this life. He wants us to feel that we can be better by not only doing one thing. Therefore work is a neccesity for us to live comfortably now and Hereafter. Without money, our life would be chaotic and stressful.

Some of us might already know that work is an Ibadah. However, not every job is an Ibadah. There are certain criterias that make a job an Ibadah on its own. One of this is to have a Halal job and this means a job that that doesn't go against the country's law, religion and our moral. So, if you have this type of job, rest assured you are in a Halal job. Having a Halal job on its own doesn't make it an Ibadah. We need to do our job in order for it to be as good and as Halal as it may be. For instance, people might think those working at PLUS Highway giving out tickets have a rather pointless job. How could that job be an Ibadah if you might ask? Well, that job could be an ibadah on its own. Without these people you might not get to work on time. Without them, you won't be where you are today because your lecturers might not make it for classes therefore you'll miss a lot of lectures. So, can you see where I'm getting at? Such an "easy" job but yet they managed to change a lot of people's life. Without those 'ticket people' we ourselves couldn't get to our work to start on our own Ibadah.

The next time you go to work, set your mind positively. Don't count the number of hours you have left at work rather count the number of hours you have left to change people's life. Then you will realise how much time is running out. Remember without you and of course Allah, your colleagues won't be where they are today. If you didn't finish your job, imagine how much suffering you are putting on other people. So, love your job and do it with lots of passion. Don't think about how much money you will get at the end of the month. Think about how much work you have done and with that work how much money has been generated and change others' life. With the work that you are doing, you could be the source of help to a family who's been suffering from marriage problem. By you doing your job with your heart and soul it only means that you are changing the life of others.

If you ever get Monday Blues, sit down quietly and think why you are doing this job. Don't let money be the reason why you're doing it because in the end, the money will finish after the first week of pay day. Let your job be the place where you can fulfill your ibadah. If you really do wanna work, do it not only for this life but mostly for the hereafter. Remember, your job doesn't end as soon as you finish it up. It is only just the beginning because what you have just finish doing is a start for other people and it carries on and on. You've not only helped ease yourself from your workload, but you've also helped others to do their job smoothly.

Yes, not everyone would do things your way and up to your standard. In the end of the day, you have to start and let others take you as a role model. Insha'Allah, that in itself had scored you some good behaviour points in Allah's eyes, which is the only eye that matters and not your Managers or CEOS etc. Do it for the sake of Allah.

Allah has also promised us in Surah Al-Kahf ayat 7: Surely We have made all that is on the earth and embellishment for it in order to test people as to who of them is BETTER in conduct. Allah did not ask us to do MORE WORK in this world in order for us to attain Jannah. HE wants us to do things good and with all our heart so that we can live happily in the Hereafter. Even though if you are not recognised by your superiors, don't despair. Do your best and Allah has also promised us in ayat 8: In the ultimate, We shall reduce all that is on the earth to a barren plain. Again, it is all for the Hereafter as the world means nothing without our ultimate goal!

I bid you all good night and pray that you can change other's life by just being there at your workplace and finishing your workload. Insha'Allah.

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