Monday, October 19, 2009

The day I didn't "wear" Khairaldin

Personally, I have nothing against people who uses pushchairs/strollers/prams to go out & about with their babies. In fact, I respect them for the courage they've to go around the small alleys in shopping malls because I can't push strollers without banging into people's legs! heheh I am capable of banging into people with just pushing the supermarket trolleys. Thank god I've got Iskandar to push it everytime we do grocery shopping. :-)

I do have something against the "stroller designers" themselves though! hehe I don't understand why they have to make strollers so bulky! Being a less than 5'0" Mom doesn't make it any easier if I were to push strollers about. It's just so troublesome! I know there are a few non-bulky ones but most of it comes with carseats, like this! I only want the stroller not carseats! Most of the strollers I like can't even be used until baby turn 1 year old. Can't they just make an all in one that we can use from birth till 2/3years old, at least? I also like those parent facing type of strollers as it's easier to see whether Khairaldin's asleep/awake/crying/laughing. But yes, that cost a bomb and again, it doesn't accomodate till baby turns 2 years old. Take for instance this stroller, it's nice and suits my wants and needs but it cost £350. Gotta be kidding me. I hardly bring Khairaldin out and I definitely wouldn't spend that much for a stroller. Another negative point about using pushchairs is THE British weather. Imagine coming out from shopping malls in the rain and you'd have to carry the baby out of the pushchair and into the carseat. Yes, horrendous! I bet by that time he's already yelling his head off. I can so imagine it.

So, it was my personal choice to wear Khairaldin. Alhamdulillah Iskandar supports my decision in babywearing and he also wears Khairaldin when I allow him to do so. I am possesive like that! hehe A lot of people have been asking me if my back hurts whenever I wear Khairaldin. To be honest, it doesn't. The ring sling that I wear isn't just a random cloth that I wrap around myself. It's been padded and suits Khairaldin's weight and also my height, it is custom-made. I bet if I wear Babybjorn people won't say anything because it's designer brand but truth be told, it actually serves the same purpose.

Some points to be noted about babywearing, credits to this website:-
  1. Sling babies cry less- OH YES!!!! Personal experience, I've never had to put up with Khairaldin screaming his head off.
  2. Sling babies get "humanized" earlier- I would say so because Khairaldin knows when we are talking to him or when Mommy & Abah is having a conversation and not to be disturbed. He knows eye contacts & body language very well!
  3. Sling babies learn more- Yet to discover but like Dr Sears say, if they spend less time crying they definitely fill the free time observing about.
There are so much more plus points that people are not aware of. I'd say, read up on babywearing before you want to judge on whether or not it's good to wear baby. Contrary to popular belief, carrying your baby doesn't make them any less clever than "stoller babies". In fact the baby would be smarter if you tell them what's what rather than letting them sit in the stroller and just look at stuff without knowing what they're looking at. With babywearing, you're able to tell the child what they are looking at.

I'm not saying that I won't be using stroller in the future, Insha'Allah I will but when Khairaldin turns 1 year old, at least. Insha'Allah. Because by then he can sit properly and I bet he'd be too heavy for me and hubby to carry him about. In the mean time though, I would like to carry him as much as I can because he would be "close enough to kiss" and, which parents doesn't like the smell of their babies. Even if they smell of stale milk??!

Oh yeah, I notice that I never like the idea of pushchair even before I had Khairaldin. I used to babysit my brothers kids before I got married and whenever we go out they'd bring the pushchair but end up I'll take them out of their strollers and carry them. It's just because I love babies. I find it really hard just letting them "sit" on their own. I love to carry babies just because I can! Alhamdulillah I have so much great experience with babywearing and I'd definitely carry on wearing for as long as I can. I know people are intrigue about how I don't have any backpain when carrying my 6kg baby and to be honest, I am intrigued as well.

In the end of the day, wearing your baby or using strollers are personal choice. If you can push the strollers why not just go ahead and push it. But if you're a possesive and love to carry babies, then why not just wear your baby? ;-) And I chose to wear my baby even before he was born.

Ps: I'm ordering a new carrier and so can't wait to get it!


glam.mama said...

I'm curious to know what the new carrier is ;)

And yay to babywearing! I've nothing against strollers either - I have a full-size single stroller and an umbrella double - but we hardly ever use them because they're just so inconvenient :/ And don't even get me started about the crazy physics involved in folding and unfolding them!

rajaiva said...

Adrin, it's gonna be Syaz's SSC. I can't wait to get it! It's gonna be one "GLAM" carrier, so I think :-D hehe

Oh I totally forgot about the folding part. I always leave mine in the garage and Hubby will be the one folding it up!!

Are u back blogging? How's the boys?