Sunday, October 11, 2009

The day I silently demanded for SOME recognition.....

Some people think that the reason Khairaldin doesn't cry as often as other babies is because of.......... my "luck". Pfftts. Maybe there are some truth in that "prediciton" but Hubby and I worked our arses out to mould him into the person he is today. For those of you who did not get the chance to see him when I was in confinement would think that he is a gifted baby who doesn't make much noise. People would think he's such a happy go lucky baby who would only cry when he's hungry and Mommy and Abah hasn't got anything to do with it. But as the parents, we would beg to differ.

When he was a few days old, he was a crybaby like other babies. He normally cries from 7p.m up to 9p.m straight through and later again at wee hours in the morning. He was the type of baby that would sleep straight through from morning to evening but by late evening he gets fed up and cranky. Hubby & I tried our very best to find out what's wrong with him. We even went through the stage when we swaddled and unswaddle him one too many times in a day because we thought he didn't like it. Yes, we did go through the sleep deprivation phase too!! We did care for Khairaldin like what other parents had to put up with too! It's not down to luck that we "got" this happy-go-lucky-always-smiling-and-laughing-baby! It was our personal experience, love and care that made him the baby he is today and I can definitely assure you that.

Hubby & I also went through a phase when Khairaldin only wanted to sleep on my chest during night time. That happened after we got back from the hospital after his jaundice episode. He cried a lot during that time. So, I did let him sleep on me every night without fail if that's the only way too soothe him. The elderly folks also constantly reminded me that I shouldn't let the baby cry out during dusk because it's not good. In my case, I NEVER let Khairaldin cry out! Whenever he cries, I would instantly pick him up and just cuddle him. That kept him quite and calm. I never thought of "exercising" his lungs by letting him cry out! I thought that was mean. Throughout my confinement, anyone could see that both Hubby and I would take turns to hold him whenever he's crying or not sleeping.

So yes, I guess by the tender love and care that we gave him throughout his few days of life made him the baby he is today. We did give him and followed his needs if it meant we would not get any sleep. Alhamdulillah, even though he slept on me or cried during odd hours, he eventually grew out of it and managed to sleep on his own and finally in his own crib. The famous happy go lucky and only cries when hungry baby was moulded by his parents and sometimes grandparents. I think if I were to let my baby cry out he will be the grumpy and cranky baby because he doesn't feel the love from his parents.

I get very annoyed when people say "it's just your luck getting a happy baby". I think that's not fair! Are they trying to imply that we don't have to do anything to keep him happy? Just leave it down to luck to see him grow old and happy? Hmmmm. I don't want much, but as a full time Mommy, I would love to hear people tell me "WOW! you really know how to care for your baby" kind of statements. It really does make me feel appreciated and all my hardwork paid off.


glam.mama said...


Yes to that, mama! I couldn't agree more with everything you just said!

P.S: You are doing a fantastic job :D

KambingBujang said...

iva congratulation for you& mr hubby hardwork. its not easy to be a parent. ignore aper yg org ckp. as long s u, hubby and BB happy, that enuf already