Thursday, December 31, 2009

Busy bee

December is such a busy month!! It's a month of celebration for us. It's our 2nd year wedding anniversary & also Iskandar's 26th birthday. Although it's only these 2 dates, I look forward to it every year! I don't really get as excited on my own birthday. I'd rather celebrate other people's birthday than my own. I love to give than to receive (at times). But of course most of the time I love to receive gits!!!! Heheheh although this year's celebration is ever so moderate, I still loved every bit of it.
I had a few things planned for our anniversary but because of financial constraint we had to abandon most of the plans. Insha'Allah 2010 will be a year to achieve everything that I've wished for in 2009. Obviously I am ever so grateful for having the chance to celebrate all of these big events with our little baby boy! Insha'Allah many more celebrations to celebrate!
As for Iskandar's birthday, it was a quiet and small celebration only with the family. But that was the best of it all!! Btw, I love the cards I got for him!!! It suited him so much :-)
Other than that, Khairaldin turned 6 months and is already on proper solids!!!! One thing I have to celebrate is, I can now flush his poop down the toilet. Hahaha the joy I tell u! No more rinsing his diapers before it goes in the washing machine. Heheheh I was overjoyed when I saw his hard stool. Oh well, we get excited over the silliest thing anyway! And oh, he's putting on weight like nobody's business. I thought once he started solids he'd go slow on breastfeeds but no no, he eats normally but still have about 3 hourly milk feedings. I love it!!!! I still have that bonding sessions with him.

What more could I ask for? My years will normally start and ends with a bang! I never regret anything that happened throughout the years but I definitely look forward to many more adventures!

Btw, I started my new year on Maal Hijrah but welcome 2010! ;-)
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NadZ said...

hi Iva!

Ur son is soooo adorable!cant wait to have!

Take care!! :)

rajaiva said...

Hey Nadz,

Alhamdulillah. Thank you!! :)

Sorry didn't intro. I'm a friend of Via's and also somewhat cousin in law to Ungku Alia :) Saw that u're one of their friends.

Anyway, enjoy the pregnancy!!! I missed it so much. But still love having my baby around.

All the best!

NadZ said...

its ok Iva :) nice meeting you by the way!

yup im enjoying every single moment of it...hehe..sangat excited ;)

so yeah..keep writing k!id love to read more, esp on ur son's progress :)