Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Alright, here's a confession.......

I've never worn make-up in my life, other than on my wedding day. :-|

The everyday, EVERYWHERE face!

The made-up face :)
(If only I can paint my face like this. Almost close to natural...)

So yeah, every time I watch those Maybeline, Loreal and other make-up adverts, I'll always say "ouh, must try this product!" But every time when I'm out, I just can't remember the names. Hahaha Almost everyone around me are wearing make-ups even the younger ones!!! I feel rather hmmmm 'selekeh' if I may say. Iskandar however, is SO against made-up face! He prefers au naturel. So obviously if I wanna buy any make up stuff he'd go, "tak payah lah. You're already beautiful as it is". Haish, which husband sees their wife's ugly side? Pfft.

I thought this year it's about time I make an effort to wear more than my Body Shop lipbalm! I swear that's the bestest lipbalm ever ever! Although I can tell u for sure, this won't happen. First things first, I don't know how to wear make-ups!!! Lagi burok karang baru tau. Secondly, ever since I got pregnant, my complexion is soooooooo smooth. I definitely wouldn't want to mess it up now. Finally, if my husband thinks I'm pretty without any powder, mascara, lipstick etc etc, then why change, right? ;-)

But I was just wondering, when's the right time to start wearing anti-wrinkles product. I am 25 years young, is it too soon to start caring about wrinkles and whatever lines?

Yes I'm becoming rather paranoid nowadays! Hehehe Doesn't help that it's Winter and my skin is becoming rather dry! Eugh. Ho well, for the time being let's just slap some moisturiser on the body.

Oh speaking of moisturiser and dry skins. Khairaldin has eczema and he's covered with moisturiser every day and night! So cute that at such a young age he's oh so vain! Hehehe it's not a bad case of eczema but because it's Winter we just have to take precautions. :)

I've to end now, hubby's tossing and turning on the bed ;-) Will update some pics to this post because as 'always' am blogging via BB.


KambingBujang said...

iva k.huda pun sama, do not wear make up except during wedding day. even nak cuci muka pun k.huda malas.. memang teringin bler tgk products ads, tp bler beli end up k.huda buang sbb expired.huhu

en suami pun suka tgk natural beauty, tapi bler make up dier ckp ok gak.. nth apa2 la.

however, this pregnancy do change me a little bit, suka cantik2, mean pakai powder, lipbalm, cuci muka, etc.. org ckp BB girl..

Alanna's mommy =) said...

it is just d same wif me.. no make ups except on my wedding day..

n my hubby doesnt like made up faces, juz asking me 2 wear d lipsticks..

so, for now, i prefer baby powder-ing my face, lipstick@lip balm..