Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday (early!!) Morning.. rambles :)

Ever since the British Summer Time (BST) started, I've been waking up at 5a.m! I'm not the type of person who can go back to sleep once I'm awake. So, that's why I'm on here at 6a.m and trust me, it looks like it's 8a.m now. It's so bright outside and the birds are singing their favourite songs. Love the feeling! Hubby and baby is snoring thier way to lala land. Cuteness! Heheh Since everyone is still asleep, I thought I might as well have my alone time by blogging. I know I have a few posts pending but somehow I don't really 'work' on weekends. Meaning, I can't write fact based entries on a weekend. LOL! This entry will be a simple entry just about ME (SELF-ABSORBED MUCH)! ;)

Anyway, as some of you might already know. I've been wearing hijaab since I was probably 10 years old? I'm glad that I've got an elder sister because she was the one who started wearing hijaab first and I kinda follow suit. I've never regretted my days with hijaab. It was tough, in a way that almost all the girls I know don't wear hijaab. Amongst my friends, I'm probably the only one with hijaab (but now, a few have started to wear it). Since I've worn hijaab since small, I kinda knew the good points of wearing hijaab. Alhamdulillah. I've never seen it as a burden because to me it's just putting an extra clothing on (in a decent way) which is so much easier because I don't need to worry about bad hair days or even how to style my hair up. hehehe

I've been wearing the same ol' 'tudung bawal' ever since I can remember! So recently, I found a shop that sells those shawl type of hijaab at a very cheap price. Tudung bawal is so pricy I tell you! Probably about RM40 for a good quality tudung. Since I love colours oh so much, I obviously can't only own one tudung right? I always ask my Mom to buy the latest and updated tudung. But after a while, I just got bored of tudung bawal.

I then tried those pattern like (Tie Rack) scarves. It worked well for awhile but the material is somewhat too short&thin&silky. I couldn't be bothered to iron it everytime I have to go out and having a baby is a definite on-the-go-grab-what-you-can situation, almost everyday! Obviously Tie Rack scarves didn't work on me except for certain occasions.

Hijaab Style courtesy of Ameena from Pearl Daisy. Do checkout her Vlog for other Hijaab styles.

Now, I'm giving the shawl like hijaab a try. I love it! I always thought it was so hard to put on but actually it is sooooo much easier! I only need 2 pins to get the look I got (quite messy but will learn in time Insha'Allah). :) It's definitely the on the go type of hijaab with a definite touch to it. However, I've only worn in the house as a show for Mr Hubby. hehehe He's always liked the 'lilit' type of scarves and he loved this look. I'm not too sure of the look though. Having been in bawal for umpteen years I've became rather comfortable with the look.

So readers, here's your chance to give your very own constructive criticism. :D Do you think I can get away with this new look without people turning their head thinking, what in the world is she donning there! I very much appreciate it if you guys could vote the looks that looked rather OK on me. I'm not going for beautiful hahaha But rather, hijaab-ed look for yours truly ;) Thank you very much in advance for your time and for boosting my confidence (in any style you choose).

Ps: I know how it's not really hijaabi(?) of me to wear 3/4 sleeves and not covering my front part. Insha'Allah, I am trying to wear ONLY long sleeves & longer hijaab which Insha'Allah covers my aurah. So, please don' judge. I am slowly trying to cover as much as I can. Please pray for the day to come sooner rather than later. Amin.

Jazakallah Khair.


glam.mama said...

You look gorgeous in all the styles - how to choose?? I, for one, have always loved the lilit2 style since I saw Arab ladies easily and beautifully wear their hijabs that way during umrah. InshaAllah soon I can be a hijaabi too ;p

I also like the idea of a statement brooch or accessory like that! Btw, the links aren't working for me :/

P.s: You should do a vlog too, regarding how to quickly and prettily don a hijab while busy with baby.

rajaiva said...

Adriana, you're too kind with words!!! I've come to a decision that certain hijaab suits certain occassion. Imagine pegi grocery shopping wearing number 3! So outta place!:D

I love those lilit type as well and I thought it was hard to wear, but surprisingly it's quite easy!!

Oh, sorry for the links!! The Pearl Daisy was down and the other link I did a typo, have amended. Blame the typing at wee hoursss! ;) By the way, Amena is also a mother of one and whenever she does her tutorial, the baby will be around. So cute lah she has to entertain the child as well as "work".

PS: No Vlog for me, not really good at "public speaking". Writing is ok. LOL!!

rajaiva said...

Btw, AMIN(!!!) to the hijaabi-to-be. Insha'Allah :)