Friday, April 30, 2010

It's all about LOVE!

Iskandar and I have been planning on a 'romantic date'. You know, like what couples normally do, lunch/dinner followed with a movie and coming home feeling all loved up except you get to continue being loved for a long long time. teehee :) We've been planning this for about 2 weeks now! LOL! Never thought we needed 2 weeks to plan for a date. As much as I love impromptu dates, having a baby is impossible to do so. We have to work our schedule around his eat, sleep and poo schedule! Seriously.

I don't really like leaving Khairaldin behind for more than an hour. I get rather restless thinking if he's ok. I also don't really like the fact people have to wash him up if he poops or if he generally needs attention. But, on top of all that, we just wanna have some time alone. Just the 2 of us. My brothers are all so willing to take care of him. I know they'll do a great job so, I'm leaving him for more than an hour next week to have some dating time with Hubby love. :)

Although it's been hectic thinking of things to pack for Khairaldin, I still managed to sneakily get myself ready for the date. Hehehe So, both Khairaldin and I went to town yesterday to get our necessities. As for him, it was his biscuits and some chocs. For myself, I had to get physically emmm yummy?! LOL! It's been way too long. It felt like going on a first date all over again but this time I was carrying a baby with me throughout the shopping duration! Couldn't ask for more! It was superb :)
What did I get my hands on? First it was the toiletries. Believe me, with only £5 I managed to get all these; 2 YUMMY body scrubs, exfoliating gloves, body sponge and body spray.

Then it was the outfit. Gotta love Primark for their bargains! I managed to get a £2 blouse and it's pretty! Doesn't look like a £2 blouse at all ;) I will put a picture after the date. LOL! Don't really want *him* to see it before hand ;) Ok, it ain't all that saucy but definitely worth the £2. Hehehe

If you wanna know why I'm still in the UK and not the beautiful Sunny Malaysia, this is mostly why- SHOPPING! Where can you get toiletries for that price? As in RM5? Or even a RM2 top that will look decent? Alright some of you might actually convert £5 to RM30, even so, could you get those things? I love the UK! You don't need to earn a lot to lead a decent lifestyle. I wish Malaysia could do the same too. It's sad looking at only rich people can keep themselves pretty. It would be nice if those less fortunate could also get their hands on some good stuff at fraction of the price, at least.

Credits: Google
Anyway, do wait for my lunch/dinner date entry. I have butterflies in my tummy just thinking about this well-planned date! Love it! *tralalalala* <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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