Friday, August 06, 2010

Sleep time is me time!!

It's Khairaldin's afternoon nap time now. It's been a while since he looked for me whenever he wants to sleep. When he was a baby, he'd only fall asleep with me whilst breastfeeding. But now, to him, I am his play and fun time "friend". He refuses to go to sleep with me.

:'( I miss being his only one!!

I'm glad he's so much closer to Iskandar now though. He'd watch Sesame Street or Football clips with Iskandar, then he'll fall asleep after about 5 clips. Even though they didn't have a father-son bonding before, I'm glad that they have finally found something they can enjoy together.

Sleeping on Abah's chest is much comfier than Mommy's now eh boy? Whatever it is, we will always pray that you'll be this dependent regardless of your age. We will try our best to be there for you like how Nana and DaddyTok has helped us through, until today. We'll be here for you love. As for now, sleep tight! :* mwahhhh!
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