Wednesday, August 18, 2010

When I cook, I cook real good! ( I WISH!!!!!)

Looksie what I cooked today!!!!

Kuih cara berlauk and kuih cara manis. Thank you Allah for giving me the chance to cook all the yummy food!

I was just browsing the net whilst still fasting and saw these cutie pies. So, showed it to Mr Hubby and he was drooling over it. What more could a wife do to make a hubby happy? Find a way to satisfy his cravings! LOL!

Thankfully my sis in law's got the container for it. So that's how I managed to do these delicacy. :) if you want the recipe, don't be shy to msg me and ask for it. (I wanted to do a 'picture recipe' on it but it was my first try so I needed a bit more concentration. But it's super easy to make it.)

Anyway, I've 3 hours to fast. So I better shoot off and do something more beneficial.
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