Thursday, December 16, 2010

Life's precious manuals

Many of times I've heard people say "If only there's a manual on how we should live this life, everything will be great!". I used to be one of those people too whenever I was lost in my little clueless world. Yes, it is scary when we have nowhere to turn to. But time and again we forget that life DO come with its manual. It's called Al-Quran and Hadiths. Try looking for anything at all that you want to know about this life, or even the 'world' after! You will definitely find your answer.

Sometimes I feel like someone's watching over my shoulder and knows everything about what I am doing or going through. The signs that are shown to me is straight forward but its effect is almost like a slap in the face (it hurts so much). However, it doesn't leave a scar on my face but it does deep in my heart! 'The words' that I read hurts deep inside me and yet I take it as an eye opener rather than feeling angry over it.

I'm sure you are all saying "what is Iva going on about??". Right, so, I have a few examples on how my life has changed ever since I turned towards Al-Quran or Hadiths but I'll just stick to this one example. I used to be the type of person who says whatever I feel like saying whenever I'm upset (I still do, occasionally). There is this one time, I was so furious with one of my relative and I felt the best option was just to ignore him and break whatever relationship we have (as if it's that easy when you're really blood related! Haha). But yeah, I was furious beyond words. Then the next day, I was lazing in my Mom's room and felt like reading one of her books. As I was flipping through one of the pages, this Hadith was on the page "The one guilty of severing ties of kinship will not be admitted to Paradise." (I will check on the source soon, Insha'Allah) At that moment, I was gobsmacked and felt, 'O Allah, I am so sorry for my behaviour!!' I know Allah was upset with me at that time and HE wanted to show me the 'right' way to deal with my anger. Although I felt disgusted with myself, I know Allah is All-Merciful and the only thing was to ask for forgiveness for what I intended to do or had done. The feeling after doing the right thing is just....right. Even though at that very moment I was still angry but after reading the Hadith it got me thinking, "why would I want to do such a thing??" It felt wrong in so many ways after that!

And lately, whenever Iskandar and I are faced with difficulty in life, somehow there is just a sign to lead us back to the *happy* life rather than the miserable/Satanic life. Be it from people's status, the books we read or even the tv shows that we watch, the sign is always there. It is just how we take notice of it or do we even want to take notice of it. I'm glad I have such positive minded family and friends and also friends that are like ourselves whom are striving for goodness in this life and most importantly the greatness in Hereafter. I appreciate every single messages, e-mails or even indirect status msges that people have been posting on their Facebook. It is just refreshing to go to sleep or wake up in the morning getting those 'words of advice' from people you know personally or not. To me, Allah is just looking after me by letting me read and take note of HIS words!! No doubt random people use Ayat Quran or Hadith as their status but I know it's Allah's plan on wanting me to read it and take it into account.

By the way, I found this quote a few days back on Hadith of The Day Fanpage and all I could think of is..... SPOT ON! I've had this entry in my draft for awhile but yesterday I felt it's time to publish it and there you go, this quote sufficed my whole entry. Masha'Allah!! 
"If you want to speak to Allah, then pray solat. If you want Allah to speak to you, then read the Quran."  
How can you argue with that? :)

So yes, in order to live a spiritually healthy life, it's best to read Words of Allah as HE can never go wrong in whatever he is conveying to us! SubhanAllah!! Also remember that we are never alone, Allah is there with us when we are happy or even sad. HE will never leave our side for a blink of an eye. So, turn to HIM whenever, wherever or for whatever reason. HE is the only one we can depend on, ALWAYS! Alhamdulillah, I am glad to have known this and I hope one day when Khairaldin is feeling the blues, HE will stumble upon my blog and read all these (that's if we're not around to constantly remind him)! Insha'Allah.

"O Allah I beg you to guide my family, children and grandchildren to your path as there is no other path that could make them see how true and Almighty you are". Amin Ya Rabbal'alamin!


adlina said...

oh iva, thank you.i'll never thank you enough..i thank Allah too for letting me to have the chance to know you and your blog..and your words..thank you dik..your words might be of some random thoughts for others, but for me, each word means a lot.they remind me of things i tend to forget and ignore.alhamdulillah..thank you, dik.

Chloe said...

Very true, the hadith is beautiful! Too many people see Islam as just a set of do's and don'ts and they forget that its a perfect way of life! Its amazing, we have the perfect guidance to live a happy and wonderful life, alhamdulilah. now we just have to strive to follow it!

Raja Iva Adnanne said...

Alhamdulillah!! I am glad we have found each other and I am sure there's a reason why Allah made us stumbled upon one another. Insha'Allah, I am here to jot down as much as I know as a reminder to myself and everyone reading. I am glad Allah has given us this opportunity to learn from one another. Alhamdulillah!!