Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Second baby's dating scan :)

Yesterday (21st Dec '10) was our second baby's "dating scan". I love the word 'dating scan' because it sounds like a date with the baby. I think in actual fact it means measuring baby for its estimated due date (EDD)..? As you already know, I found out that I was pregnant on 11th Nov '10. Since we get FREE medical in the UK, it's only fair for us to wait for our turn to be seen by the doctors/midwife etc. So, 2 weeks after I found out my positive results I had an appointment with my midwife. Normally, they'd be able to predict baby's due date by last period calculation but because I have 'weird' period cycle, they couldn't find out my EDD. They then told me to wait for my dating scan so they can measure baby to know how far along I am.

My dating scan was scheduled one month after my visit with the midwife, which was yesterday. Truth be told, I was so nervous for this scan! I was not nervous of the scanning procedure, no no. There were 2 things that I was nervous of... 1) if there was no baby in my womb and 2) if I was too far along and I can't go back to Malaysia. Reason I was scared of 1 was because I don't feel pregnant at all! I mean, at all! When I was pregnant to Khairaldin, I could tell that I was pregnant as early as 3 weeks. I had some signs that I was pregnant such as, my boobs hurt sooo bad! But not with this one. I don't feel anything. The reason I took the pregnancy test was only because whenever I brushed my tongue, I felt like vomitting/nauseous (which is very unusual). I also had the same feeling when I was pregnant the first time. This nauseous whilst brushing my tongue didn't last for long though, only a few days. After that, I was back to my normal self.

So, imagine having to wait 1 month+ to find out whether I am really pregnant or not, it was torturous! Iskandar and I just tawakkal, if the baby was meant for us, it'll be there otherwise, there's no question to it.
Alhamdulillah yesterday, as the sonographer scanned my tummy, we could see our baby!  Both Iskandar and I were shocked at the size of our baby. He/she was bigger than what we expected. The sonographer asked if we knew how many weeks I was yesterday. We said we have no idea. So she measured everything and told me I was about 13 weeks pregnant (but in her notes, she wrote 14 weeks 5 days). Technically, when I did my first pregnancy test, I was about 8 weeks pregnant!! That is how clueless we were about this second pregnancy. Alhamdulillah first trimester went by without any fuss or even without us realising it.

As we went to the sonographer's desk, she then told us that my due date is on the 16th June 2011!!! That caught us by surprise because Khairaldin was born on 16th June 2009!!!!! If the EDD do happen for real, we are beyond excited! Then again, Khairaldin was delivered 5 days earlier than his EDD. Allah knows what's best for us, so we'll do our best by carrying this baby to the world and let Allah plan the rest that is beyond our control. After all, HE IS THE BEST OF ALL PLANNER!

In any way, we are just thankful that we are given the chance to be a parent all over again. We pray that everything will be fine for the whole family and we pray for a Soleh(ah) baby. Amin!

Oh by the way, looking at the scan today we kinda know whether it's a baby boy or girl. :D But hey, we'll leave it as a surprise since noone knows what is in the womb except for Allah swt. Do pray for our health! JazakAllah Khair!
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Shahirah Elaiza said...

Oh my! Congratulations Iva!

Nurvia said...

OMG Eva!!! Congratulations! Alhamdullillah!... =D