Tuesday, August 09, 2011

World Breastfeeding Week 1st -7th August 2011

In case you didn't know, it was the World Breastfeeding Week last week. Funny and sad how such event has to be conducted to raise public awareness about breastfeeding. Truthfully, breastfeeding is supposed to be a natural way of life whereby everyone's aware of it. So, what is this event all about? Let me tell you, not everyone has this perception that breastfeeding is natural and a way to fulfil the child's right. Some perceive breastfeeding as being rude when you do it at an open space. I have to agree if one strips off and don't breastfeed discreetly, then yes that is rude and inappropriate. Personally, I have never come across any 'breastfeeders' who shows off their boobs when breastfeeding their child, I think we Mommies still have our dignity in tact to know we shouldn't shove our breasts to the public eyes, yes? The only way you'd know the baby is having his/her feed is when their face is somewhere near the boobies area, right? So, how is that obscene/rude/disgusting if you can hardly see any skin or nipples sticking out??

Seriously, our society has to STOP THINKING about breastfeeding as though it is an unnatural thing to do. Especially Muslim society, we should know that breastfeeding is so natural that it is even being prescribed in the Quran: "If they (ie; the fathers) wish that the period of suckling for their children be completed, mothers may suckle their children for two whole years......" (Surah Al-Baqarah:233) "We enjoined upon man to be dutiful to his parents. His mother bore him in weakness upon weakness and his weaning lasted for two years........." (Surah Luqman:14) 
Would the Quran "write" such a verse if it is rude and obscene? So, in the Quran, Allah advices us to breastfeed for at least 2 years. Tell me, how could a mother achieve this if the society isn't helping them to do so? Imagine this, if a mother is having her meal at a restaurant and suddenly the baby wakes up for a feed. Would you expect the mother to get out of the restaurant, find a nearest nursing room or TOILET to feed the child? I'm hoping you'd answer NO at this point. Now, try imagining a starving baby yelling her head off wanting her milk and the mother has to run around to find the nearest "appropriate" place to breastfeed. Isn't that just stressful? What's wrong with letting the Mom and baby have their meal peacefully.. anywhere?
In my opinion, to achieve a great breastfeeding journey Mothers have to attend to their babies need as soon as their babies demand for feed. They don't need to wait until the baby scream their lungs out before giving them their milk. This is because, when the baby starts to cry (or even give signals wanting to be fed), the Mother's brain will instantly pass the message onto the breasts to produce milk. This is the time when all the nutritions are being produced and it will start to flow as soon as it's being produced. So would we want to waste the milk to just flow onto the breast pad? I'm hoping that people could understand why mothers need to feed where ever and when ever. There is no such thing as just feeding in nursing rooms, toilets or even bedrooms. Do you even have your meals in these places?? So why should a helpless child be stuck just in those rooms.

Now that you've understood why mothers MUST feed their child, please, I beg, don't give those nursing mothers the disgusting look when you see them feeding and attending to their child's need. The least you could do is give them the 'gratitude' look to tell them they are doing the right thing for their child. I'm sure breastfeeding Moms wouldn't want you to be looking at them when they are feeding their child anyway. So you don't have to look if it bothers you that much. After all, you wouldn't stare at people when they are having their meals now would you? ;)
And because they're being fed where and when they want to be fed, this is the outcome that we get. How could we stop them from their rights ey?

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