Friday, October 19, 2012

Potty training + Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

It's that time again! Potty training!! I started potty training Khairaldin when he was 18months++ but managed to fully trained him after he turned 2. I was heavily pregnant and just couldn't bear going to and fro the toilet, so I stalled his potty training. With Layina, I just feel she can do it. I've got more time now and she understands me. So might as well right?

We've started training her for about 2 weeks now. When it comes to potty training, I start with training them to poo in the toilet first. Khairaldin's poop time was always spot on! He poops every morning regardless of our whereabouts. Layina on the other hand is a fussy pooper. She wouldn't or couldn't poop other than at home. We had problems with her not wanting to poop for more than 3 days when we were in Malaysia. She didn't even want any fruits and veges whilst we were in Malaysia. As soon as we arrived UK home, she pooped 3 times in a span of 4 hours. Superbly amazing this little girl. So anyway, since she didn't have a proper poop time, I insisted on making a routine for her. Haha Well here's how I did it.

Virgin Coconut Oil.

I heard about VCO from a friend in Malaysia. I tried taking VCO because after giving birth to Layina I had fear doing number 2 (poop isn't a pretty word for adult haha). I didn't dare to go because I had a really bad tear. Then it just became a habit going to the toilet every other day. Not healthy. So I tried VCO and I'm glad I did. It's amazing how it loosen my stool and regulate my bowel movement at least twice a day or after heavy meals. Then I thought, this will be good for Layina!! Since her case is similar to mine, I thought why not try VCO on her too. I did and it's very helpful. No, I didn't give her the capsules. Instead, every time I cook for the family I will add VCO. I mix it in our rice, veges, you name it, it's in almost all our dishes. This method helped me monitor her poop time because I know when she's had it she'll need the toilet. So she now goes to the toilet every morning and after lunch.

After about a week, she understood the concept that poop = toilet. She will tap her diapers and say erghh (this is her favourite word, if I could count it as word ;) we will ask her if she wants the toilet and she slowly gets off the bed heading for toilet. Iskandar and I will then rush her straight onto the potty because at times she's already wanting to poop. Alhamdulillah. It has been easier this time around. Howwwwwever, she wakes up at 7am and wants the toilet straight away. Sometimes we just want that extra lie in so we slack for a moment. I'm sure if we had been consistent, she would have been diaper free by now. Haha I also realised that ever since she poops in the toilet her night diapers aren't as wet as it used to be.

Even though I want her to be diaper free, I still have my lazy mornings. I really need to train myself first before her. Hehe InshaAllah a few more months she will be diaper free!!!! Iskandar and I are so lucky because even though we have kids we don't need to get up as early as 5/6 am. We rarely wake up at night because Layina don't have her night feeds as frequent. We are so spoilt that when we tell people the kids 'disturb' us at 7:30am, we'll definitely get 'the look'. Like how dare you complain! Hehehe yes Shukur Alhamdulillah for such amazing kids.

Anyway, to diaper free bottom soon! Amin!!

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