Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sew bored!

Hahaha I know I'm getting tad bit lame with the sewing titles ;p. But heck, I was bored (even though I had to look after 4 kids) and decided to use up my bits and pieces. Thank god for skinny niece, I managed to make a butterfly top for her! Will post up a picture of her wearing it, which I'm sure she'll wear it tomorrow. Hehe she's just like her dad, will wear new things as soon as they get hold of it. :) Hi Abang!! (if you're reading this ;)

Anyways, Iskandar's busy with his PhD proposal so I managed to get some 'me' time. I love sewing. No wonder our Prophet sallahualaihiwassalam would sew and mend his own clothes. It is so therapeutic (when u get the hang of it that is hehe).

Alright then, I better go now.



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