Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Being old is tough....

My parents are not feeling well. Both are down with sinusitis + tonsillitis :( Everytime they are down with something, it just breaks my heart to pieces. Not being dramatic, but my mom always say, 'we are old, every little disease is an excuse for Allah to take us closer to HIM'. How can that not break your heart??! Arghhhhh! I pray that they'll recover soon. Hate to see them suffer and being so helpless. :(

"Ya Allah, only you know what's best for them. I can't stand seeing them just stay in their room all day. It's very unlike them. Please give them the strength to fight this disease. We seek guidance only from you as you know what's best!!" Amiin.

I pray hard that they'll recover before their flight to Malaysia. They need the strength to travel to spread the words of Islam. Insha'Allah.
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