Sunday, March 07, 2010

First tooth :B

Khairaldin's first tooth made its apperance yesterday! Alhamdulillah it was rather smooth and painless (we think!). It was a mere coincidence when I found out that he had his tooth. I was trying to take something out of his mouth and suddenly felt something sharp. To my surprise it was a tooth!!!! Iskandar just finished dinner at that time so he couldn't feel it straight away to confirm that it's a tooth. After he's washed his hand, he touched and confirmed it is a tooth. Hahahaha Yes, we were so excited!!!! Told my parents about it and they started feeling it as well. My dad even said, "take a picture of it and enlarge it!!!" I can't see him saying something like that when it comes to us. Hehehe I love looking at them getting excited about Khairaldin and any of the grandchildren. It's such an 'awwwwwww' moment everytime they are excited about their grandchildren.

It's such a relief he's not down with high temperature. He was down with cold and very slight fever but I think that was from our bug (we were both down for a few days). Other than that, he's still happy and chirpy as his normal self. Alhamdulillah. I can see that my boy will grow up to be very independent Insha'Allah. He seems to handle and do things on his own. A big Alhamdulillah to that!

So now, I have to be alert and make sure he doesn't bite :D Oh yeah, can't wait to take pics of his first tooth. Very very very excited!
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glam.mama said...

Awww, Khairaldin is such a big boy now!! And yes, pics plz! ;)