Saturday, March 06, 2010


Is it wrong or even weird to actually LOVE being pregnant? I could say that I had a tremendously easy pregnancy with Khairaldin and because of that I don't regret being pregnant. Now, he's like a really behaved baby and makes me wanna make more babies like him :) I don't know, I love being pregnant. I feel like a woman when I'm pregnant.

I got pregnant 9 months after we got married and next week, Khairaldin turns 9 months. I can't get pregnant every 9 months now can I!!! So I won't let my 'hormones' take control of me. Hehehe

So, any of u out there just love being pregnant and 'newly' mom all over again or is it just me? :S
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Alanna's mommy =) said...

iva, actually i do love being pregnant! n believe it@not, just after giving birth 2 Alanna, i already miss d kicking moments from my tummy n i told my hubby that i want 2 get pregnant again.. it was an easy pregnancy with Alanna.. no morning sickness, no back pain, no constipation,no cramp n no any other 'challenging' pregnancy things.. alhamdulillah.. n i didnt even experience the pain, that was why i had to go tru c-sect..

now, i am ready 2 get pregnant again.. my gynea told me in 2008,"you can get pregnant when your daughter is 2 years old"! yippie! hoping that this coming second pregnancy will b as easy s the 1st one! insya allah..

Alanna's mommy =) said...
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KambingBujang said...

iva, khuda actually suka being pregnant lady. TAPI.. my 2nd pregnancy ni, i looked so FAt.. and badan khuda mmg agak berat, back pain problem. adussss..

maybe sbb after deliver Amirul, khuda cam kurus sgt, then bler pregant mkn ngn jayanya dat y jd gemok.. huhuhu

glam.mama said...

As you know, I LOVE being pregnant! It is the height of femininity for any woman, I think. Nothing screams "I am woman!" more than a voluptuous pregnant body :D

That being said, we're still not sure yet if our next child will be from my womb or not, or if we'll even have another one! We leave it to Allah :) I wouldn't be against another pregnancy, though. Hahaha.