Friday, March 19, 2010

Malaysian citizen, soon..

We will be in London on Sunday & Monday! This is probably our 3rd time going to London this year and it's only March! I hope this will be the end, at least for this year. But apparently one of Iskandar's friend is coming over in May or June. Blegh. I never liked London as it's really a hectic city. Everyone's in a rush, somehow. I hate how we've to walk from one place to the other. The only thing I look forward to is, Iskandar wearing Khairaldin all day! Heheh He's never worn Khairaldin because when we tried once he just ended up screaming (Khairaldin that is). So both of them became restless. Today, Iskandar put him in the SSC and he was jumping away! That's a good sign. Insha'Allah. He's too heavy for me to carry all day. For an hour or 2, I'm ok but not all day. :) Obviously push chair is not even an option when you are in London!!! Going up and down the tube station? Torture! :D

Anyway, after 9 months, we are finally registering Khairaldin as a Malaysian citizen. We'll also be doing his passport since we are planning to go back to Malaysia Insha'Allah this year. So better get it sorted straight away while we are there. We're so excited to see his first passport picture! I still have my first passport picture and I was smiling away when the picture was taken. I thought u're not supposed to smile when taking passport picture or is that not true? I hope he'll be okay with other people taking his picture furthermore it'll be first thing in the morning!! Uh-oh!

So, this will be my last blog for this week. Willl be back on Tuesday. Insha'Allah. Oh having said that, I'll be busy baby sitting my brother's kids starting next week. Might blog about that when I'm free. As for now, have a great weekend all! :)
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Shahirah Elaiza said...

Salam! Yes I do remember you =) Everyone in the office was saying how cute you guys are together... macam pinang dibelah dua.

Thanks for the sweet compliments, Iva! Btw, your baby boy is growing up so beautifully, mashaAllah. He's adddorrrable! And you're quite the yummy mummy yourself ;)

I'ma follow your blog! Thanks for dropping by mine.