Wednesday, May 05, 2010

How to lose weight?

A friend of mine PMed me saying that I look slimmer (judging from my latest FB profile pic) and wanted to know how I lost the weight. Thank you Elina :) Truth be told, I haven't lost a tremendous amount of weight. At least not the amount that I've been wanting to lose.

Some people think it's weird that I actually opt to join gym to lose my weight seeing that I have a 10 months old baby. Seriously, when I joined gym I wasn't looking to lose a lot of weight. After all I just need to lose about 4-5kg pre pregs weight. But I have accepted that with "extra fats" at certain areas, it's impossible to get back to pre-pregs weight. However, my intention on joining gym was to keep up with my ever so active baby boy! I used to babysit my niece before and I can tell you that it's so much easier to look after her. When I sit and hug her, she'll not retaliate. Unlike Khairaldin, he's a boy, a very active one! Alhamdulillah now, I have a great amount of stamina compared to before I joined gym. Also, Alhamdulillah with joining gym I managed to lose some of my pregnancy fats. I kinda killed two birds in one nest. hehehe

I used to not care about joining gym because everyone, I mean, EVERYONE, kept telling me that you'll lose the weight eventually from breastfeeding and chasing after your son. Sadly after 10 months, that didn't happen :( I did lose some for the first few months, but after 6th month my weight was rather stagnant. I think reason one is: houses in the UK are not that big to actually make me run around the house to chase after him. Khairaldin can get from one end of the living room to the other in a mere 2 mins crawl. Now, imagine me walking to him, obviously it'll take about ermmm roughly 20 steps? That's how confined the spaces are. Hence, 20 steps won't make me any lighter! :) Reason two: I only go out on weekends so I don't have much exercise. I can really count how many steps I do in a week. Yes, it's that bad! Iskandar was also complaining how I looked lethargic and as if I haven't got much energy. So that's another reason why I signed up for gym.

I have joined gym for 2 months now. The first month was just about getting my stamina back. I haven't done any workout ever since I got married! So, it took me a while to get my stamina back. So my regime for the first month was 15 mins jog on the treadmill for 2-3times a week. On my 2nd month, I managed to increase my running time to 30 mins. That is when I felt really healthy after every workout. The sweat was rather refreshing. I go to sleep early and also wake up earlier than usual. Iskandar also saw some 'decreased fats' especially around my thighs. So, we are both happy :)

If you are one of those unlucky Mommies like me (don't do much move abouts), then I would say, SIGN UP to a gym! You'll lose the weight in no time and will feel refreshed. Unless you've got a big house to do your run abouts, then by all means, do it at home. Yes, the first month on getting back on track is hard! Super hard! But once you've got used to the running, you'll feel like you can't miss a session.

Go on Mommies, if I can lose some weight by working out, I'm sure all of you can! Choose your best workout and you'll never look back.

Oh yeah, as for eating habits. I still eat EVERYTHING! Even chocolates and biscuits. But I've to work extra hard if I have those food though. :D Since I'm still breastfeeding, I have not started on any diet.

Ps: Joining gym with someone you're close with is also a plus point to make you workout better. In my case, I've got hubby, my eldest brother and sister-in-law in the same gym. So it's FUN!

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Alanna's mommy =) said...

iva, thanks for the useful tips.. looking forward to follow your footstep.. my stamina is in the worst stage right now, even compared to when i was pregnant! having a young child at home makes it hard for me to go to gym as my hubby plays tennis every evening.. but, WHERE THERE'S A WILL, THERE'S A WAY, right? =)