Thursday, July 29, 2010

Part 1: Ramadhan and breastfeeding (or pregnant) Mommies

This is a continuation of Part 1 but it is not Part 2. As I've set my mind what Part 2 is going to be about, so I can't change it. ;)

Anyway, as I've mentioned in Part 1, there are Surah and Hadith that explained why breastfeeding Mommies are allowed to not fast if they are breastfeeding. Of course this has to include a few details why they are allowed not to fast. For instance in Adriana case, she was pregnant with her first child, then breastfeeding, then pregnant with second child, post-partum after that and again this year breastfeeding. She's also referred her situation with an Ustaz to know where she stands. That's why I said it is best to ask an Ustaz or qualified scholars, as I have no stand at all to say what you are supposed to be doing. I can give some proof from the Quran but my interpretation may not be right as I am not of an Islamic scholar. So, to know whether your circumstances do apply in the 'list' of people who are allowed to skip Ramadhan please do ask an Islamic scholar.

In my previous entry, I did say that it is ok to just pay Fidyah. But..... My personal opinion doesn't apply when talking about the deen. There's so much more than what meets the eye. Hence, we need qualified scholars to teach and explain to us what so and so means. After all, in my house, we only just refer to the Quran and Hadith Bukhari (most of the time). If it's way too complicated then my Dad will refer to his 'Tuan Guru'. There are many more books of Hadith and each and every one of it has a different explanation about anything on Islam.

In Islam, there can be many interpretation about a single issue. This is only because Allah not only ground us to one rule, He wants us to have an easier life and not burden ourselves. So, it's best to read and find out further what suits our own situation. Insha'Allah, He will guide us through.

My cousin messaged me to say that certain Fatwa explains Ramadhan and breastfeeding/pregnant etc in so many ways. He's also given me a website to refer to which I think is best for you Mommies to read and grasp more knowledge on this (btw, it's in Malay language).

Here's a link which is in English Language for our own knowledge, Insha'Allah.

Fasting and breastfeeding/pregnant


Zaffi Zuhri said...

Hi Iva,

I nak buat request jugak boleh x?(Request sempena nak raya+terpengaruh tgk Erica Durance cantek-Smallville. Hahah)

If u ada masa boleh tak tulis tentang cukur kening halal/haram as a Muslim... Tetiba la kan sekarang ni baru timbul rasa nak try (tah pape kan. Haha). Selama ni tak pernah terfikir pula even masa kahwin pun I tak bagi mak andam tu buat sebab takut jadi

I confuse because ada artikel kata boleh if bukan buat untuk permanent, tak togelkan terus & utk kemaskini. But ada artikel kata haram kena laknat... (saudari dari Saudi Arabia kat Uni pun buat eyh!lagi confuse dibuatnya.. hahah)

Ok, itu sahaja wat masa ni kalau u berminat nak tulis:)))

Thank you! Tcare. Mwahhh :*

rajaiva said...

Hey Zaf!

Firstly, apa hal pulak nak cukur kening ni! Awak tu dah cukup cantik ok. Tak tipu nye. Hehehe Anyway, mmg confusing sikit pasal cukur kening ni. I will try and do in depth research on it. Insha'Allah. For now I'll concentrate on entries kena mengena with puasa first. Hehehe

Btw, org arab ni selalu take for granted sikit. Kalau gi London tu ramai org2 diaorg makan KFC. Tapi dia boleh pegi Mekah bila2 masa dan minta ampun. Hahaha ok tak lawak!!

Ok, nanti I dah tulis I'll let you know. Insha'Allah.

Take care. Kirim salam kat Zuhri.