Thursday, July 08, 2010

Pride and joy in life!

This is such a great reminder for all of us!

"O you who believe! Let not your riches or your children divert you from the remembrance of Allah. If any act thus, the loss is their own." [Surah Al-Munafiqun, verse 8]

I was just trying to minimise my status update about Khairaldin a few days ago, and the above ayat came up on one of the groups that I liked on Facebook. If you follow me on Facebook you'll see how my status would always always include Khairaldin's name. No doubt being a parent is such a joy in life! But sometimes, we take it for granted. I remember when after my confinement, I was really contemplating how to juggle being a Wife, Mom and Allah's servant all at the same time??! It's so impossible, so I thought. Alhamdulillah, eventually I've learnt how to actually satisfy our Creator and also my beloved family. I believe that if Allah comes first in our life, everything after that will come easily and naturally. I believe so because whenever I delay my prayers, I always feel as if there's something incomplete. As much as I want things to get done quicker, it gets even tougher. But once my prayers and duty to Allah has been managed, I feel everything is beyond my reach.

Yes, we as parents we do want great things for our kids in this life. We are proud to see their achievement in this life, no doubt! So we start to run errands for them, sending them to the best school or academic etc etc. Those are what make life hectic! The wants and needs for Dunya. It is good to want the best for our child, that's for sure. However, wouldn't it be such a waste of time, energy and effort when we've done all that but hereafter they are left with nothing at all? How are they going to 'face' the creator by saying that they've achieved so much in the 'life before' that can be counted as such good deeds for the 'life after'?

My parents have taught me a lot. They're not the kind that would send us to such superb tuition etc. But one thing for sure, they actually had a personal Ustaz for us so that we learn how to at least be a good Ummah, Insha'Allah. Before I had Khairaldin I always thought, "what a life I've got! Everyone is so rich and famous and I'm nowhere near." Alhamdulillah. Now I can see why my parents bring us up in such moderate life. We didn't get the chance to do our own shopping until we earned our own money. I can see that my parents have invested an awful LOT to bring us up to be a great Ummah. Now I know that they didn't bring us shopping because they used the money to get us private Ustaz to teach us the Quran. Alhamdulillah!!!! That means so much more to me now. At least I still remember the Ustaz that made me Khatam the Al-Quran. If those money were used for shopping instead, I bet I wouldn't even remember what I have bought with all that money!!

As much as I'm proud (I'll try and use this word loosely now) of my child(ren), I know there's only one thing that will make them appreciate us more, bringing them up as a great Ummah! I wouldn't want them to turn around and say, "Mom, why didn't you ever teach me about my religion??" Nauzubillahiminzalik. Having read that Ayat, it made me realise that Allah knew that we parents are going to turn up to be very boastful about our child and might forget him, so he's wrote this reminder down in the Holy book and I think it's best for us to share with all. Insha'Allah.
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