Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pregnancy and weight gain. Issues issues!

Weight...... It is ALWAYS an issue for us, ladies. Right? When we are too thin people will comment and when we are "fat" they will still comment. What is perfect weight? One thing for sure, it is not up to oneself to say that they've already got a perfect weight (or even figure). Peer pressure always gets the best of us no matter how satisfied we are with our body.

So, when we ladies announce about our pregnancy to everyone, people will start advising us to eat, eat and eat. It's like, "put as much weight on as you can because this is the ONLY time you can do so". Of course during the 9 months pregnancy we don't care about putting on weight as it is the only time people will say we look good no matter how big we have become! It is also hard to differentiate the baby's weight and Mom's weight, so noone will notice how huge you really are. We all then take for granted to put on as much weight as possible since after all, the bigger your bump is, the sexier you look! No doubt.

But..... As soon as you've given birth, literally a few weeks after, these people would also be the one saying how much weight you've put on ever since they've known you! They EXPECT you to lose weight as soon as the baby is out! Don't you think that is unfair? Mommies then become too pressured about losing the weight and tend to concentrate on their weight more than the baby's. They start to eat less than what they normally would just to lose the fats!

If you're a pregnant lady my advice is, eat reasonably. Do not listen to people who advice you to eat more than what you can handle. Eating for two is nothing but a myth!! Yes you do need to eat for two but definitely not twice the portion you'd normally eat. It's only a few calories more and that sometimes could only mean eating an extra 1 slice of bread! Know what you are eating whilst being pregnant because once the weight is on, you'll find it depressing having it on for a long long time.

Alhamdulillah, I only put on about 15kgs throughout my pregnancy. I ate as normal and within the limit. As soon as Khairaldin was born I managed to lose about 8kgs, since those were the baby's weight and water etc etc. I didn't rush to lose the weight because I was breastfeeding and my baby's weight was more important than mine. After a year, I then bothered about my weight because I was planning for the age gap between my next child to be 2 years. Howere, since Khairaldin is still 'actively' breastfeeding, I had to rethink my plan and again taking it slow with the weight loss. Whatever it is, my plan is to try and lose weight before I try for a second baby. Like I've said before, gym is the place to get me active and not to lose weight.

Celebrities (or even the media!) are not helping by showing the wrong examples of post-pregnancy body because they show as if after being pregnant, all the weight is gone...instantly. Any normal people will know that it is not that easy and quick. Truth be told, they are either using some sort of 'girdle' or even liposuction straight after. So yes, the weight will stay on for a while, it is NORMAL! It is not normal to lose it all at once. After all, you've put the weight on within a 9 months period so it is only fair to let your body lose it gradually.

If you are a formula milk Mommy, then you can go ahead and lose weight. However, do not put pressure on Breastfeeding Mommies to lose all the weight soonest because they have to eat healthily for the baby too.

As for breastfeeding Mommies, concentrate on your child's weight gain before your weight loss. It is okay to have extra fats as you need those fats to turn into energy anyways.

After all that, whatever weight we put on or off it's for our husband to determine whether it's healthy or not. Looks is a totally different matter, at least for the first year of baby's birth. Ignore others' comments as they are only wanting to add pressure on the already pressured post-partum Mommies (or even Dads!). Love your body for giving you the chance to let you do things you want to do. Be thankful that your body managed to carry your weight and your child's. Alhamdulillah. As a return of favour to our body for helping us through the pregnancy, do not opt for CRASH diet, as the name itself tells you that you are crashing your body.

Have a joyous pregnancy and Motherhood. It'll only get better in time, keep believing in that. Insha'Allah.
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