Thursday, July 12, 2012

Second sewing lesson!

Tommorow will be my second sewing lesson inshaAllah. I am so excited beyond words!! After this sewing lesson, I will be able to try my skills on so many different fabrics inshaAllah. Let's hope the lesson will be as beneficial as I dream of it to be. On another note, it will be the first I'm leaving my babies in other people's care for more than 6 hours. But Alhamdulillah those "other people" are my brother and his gf. Also a family friend. I am blessed to have my loved ones just a shout away. :) after so long not getting my "me time", I think I deserve this time and also it's for a good cause InshaAllah. Anyway, will update on tomorrow's seeing project. Stay tuned.... If you're still reading that is. :D

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