Monday, July 23, 2012

Ramadhan Mubarak !

Alhamdulillah shukur! It's the 4th Ramadhan today and we have done 6 juzu' of tadarus. I'm so glad that my kids aren't a nuisance when we are trying to glorify Allah swt. Khairaldin will try and imitate us pray or read the Quran and it's an amazing sight. Masha'Allah! Layina will be busy in the toy room with her toys. Alhamdulillah, we're so thankful to have such kids. Really glad to know that they understand the time we have to worship and glorify Allah and also the time when they can bother us with thier "stuff".

The best way to start is when they're still a baby. We always had Khairaldin next to us when we are praying and it's been instilled in him that Mommy and Abah will have to do this everyday at so and so time. Alhamdulillah. I feel so blessed to get the chance to worship my creator even when I have 2 kids!! However, I would really love to get up at night to perform a few extra ibadah. InshaAllah, praying that I will get the hang of Summer time real soon. Having to do terawikh at 11pm and sleep at 12am, is rather difficult for me. Layina still wakes up for night feed and sahur is at 3am, so my body clock is still rather haywire. Eepps!

So, how's your Ramdhan? Any tips to share for me to do more? Let's top up our deeds by sharing beneficial knowledge :)

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