Monday, July 16, 2012

New label ;)

Looking at my kids grow up is such a blessing on its own. Today, I have decided to start a new label called Khairaldin & Layina's daily randoms. Basically I'll write short updates about their daily wow factor because everyday they're wow-ing me with something. :)

Let's start with you, Khairaldin...
Today you went to playschool and wanted to play with flour, you were about to cry when you didn't get a turn but when I looked at you, you instantly know that you're not supposed to cry. Sometimes I underestimate your ability to understand. I find it amazing that at your age I do not need to pinch or beat you to make you understand. Boy, you are so clever and you amaze us everyday with your capabilities! Alhamdulillah.

Layina, you are different to your Abang in so many ways! It's true when they say every child is different. At your age, your Abang Khalid can do so many things. Like, imitate us when we sing 'Twinkle Little Star". Until today, you just don't care about those nursery rhymes. However, you're such a girly girl. Mommy didn't notice your capability in imitating was rather different from your brother. You my girl, would always tidy up your brother's mess. You will get the broom and start sweeping. Alhamdulillah. I guess you know what is more important in life. Hehe nursery rhymes isn't all that fun to you but keeping the house clean is so much fun. Masha'Allah.

Insha'Allah mommy will try and update everyday so that both of you can read on your amazing childhood. SubhanAllah!

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