Friday, July 20, 2012

Not so daily ey??

Well, when I said daily updates, I really meant my daily. Which means when I have the time to update haha. Kids, you know my commitment is to care for the family first. So, don't worry, I still keep track of the things you guys do in my mental input but I just don't have the time to blog about it. Anyway, since time is on my side for the next 5mins, I better update.

Layina, I'll start with you first this time only because the day after I setup this label, you impressed us as early as 8 o'clock in the morning. You see, normally you'd wake up just before Abg Khalid but on that day u decided to sleep in for a bit. Normally, as soon as Abg Khalid wakes up, he'd go straight to our room (yes, both of you sleep interest sane room since you were 7months old, Alhamdulillah) and he did just that few days back. About 10mins after Abg Khalid woke up, you too came in our room!! The scary and surprising thing is, you knew how to get off your bed without falling and instead of going down the stairs (like you are always tempted to do) you went straight to Mommy Abah's room!! It's like you knew we were in there even though we were still very quiet. Masha'Allah. You really had a guardian angel looking after you, girl. Subhan'Allah!! I was so amazed to see you on the floor waiting for me to pick you up onto my bed. And baby girl, you are only 1 year old when this happened. :))

Abg Khalid, you are a charmer. Enough said! We had guest around and you just charmed them with your stories. Everyone couldn't stop asking you questions because you'd answer them intelligently! For a 3 year old, I've never seen any boy of your age making conversation with older people and leaving them feeling entertained and contented. Subhan'Allah you really did a great job! I hope you would use your public speaking to attract people to the right path, amin!! Live up to your name Khair-Al-Deen; goodness to the religion, Insha'Allah.

Today is the starting of Ramadan and Mommy will keep praying that the both of you will grow up to be intelligent kids and to use your intelligence towards the righteous path, Amin yaRabbalamin! This is only just the beginning of your childhood, Insha'Allah many more amazing things to come.

As for my others readers, let me take this opportunity to wish you all a blessed Ramadan and may you receive the goodness of this month, amin! Let us all take a break from the worldly stuff and just enjoy this miracle month. That's me for now, I'm not making any promises, but Insha'Allah will try and drop by the page when I have time to do so. Do keep us in your du'a. Barakallahu feek!

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