Sunday, December 28, 2008

The day I felt sluggish.....

I miss dressing up to work! With the skirt and knee high boots , with the plain top and floral scarf, with the pants and high heels!

Iskandar and I have been staying at my parents' place in Leicester for the past 4 weeks. Mom & Dad are in Malaysia at the moment until the 7th Jan so we kinda taking care of Kudin. Basically since after we got back from Malaysia, we haven't been staying at our own place. Obviously I could only pack as much as I can but it doesn't seem to be enough! I've been wearing the same tops and scarves for the past 4 weeks and I think it's getting so obvious!! Our place is about 45 minutes drive from Mom's and since being pregnant, I'm not a fan of driving that much. Iskandar do go home almost every other day but I can't tell him which top or scarf that I want to wear because really it depends on my mood.

I used to get "recognition" from my colleagues almost everyday I come in to work. One of my colleague even commented that she's never seen me wearing the same top in a week or even a month! And now here I am wearing the same top over and over again!!!!!!!!! I hate this. I don't need to buy new tops because I've got loads at home. I just miss getting up and spend hours in front of the wardrobe trying to choose a top & a scarf. Now it's like I wake up and I can get dressed in 5 minutes because I haven't got any other choice on what to wear. Pfft.

Although Mummy & Daddy's coming back on the 7th Jan, I don't think we'll be going back to Coventry because Mom wouldn't allow me to drive to work. Since my workplace is closer to Mom's it's easier for us to stay there until my maternity leave. I don't mind this but I just want my wardrobe!!! I've got loads of nice scarves to choose from if I were to wear plain tops but now all I've got is plain tops and my scarves are also plain ones.

On a different note, we are still looking for a house in Leicester because my Hospital, GP and workplace are in Leicester. We've put an application with a company but it's taking forever for them to reply back! They're so fussy when all we want is just to rent to house! Not even buying a house! They're asking reference from my workplace and also my previous workplace. Like whtever for? We're hoping & praying that they'll reply back a.s.a.p! I want to move and just be settled before baby pops out and bare in mind, THAT'S NOT LONG TO GO!!!!!!!

Sorry about the moaning and groaning, I'm at work and it's a SUNDAY! Blegh blegh.


HAPPY AWAL MUHARRAM to everyone and Insha'Allah we'll be blessed with all the goodness in life! Amin.


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