Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The day BUMP turned 13 weeks......

I'm feeling tad bit paranoid!

I think my baby bump's so much bigger than it should be. I'm only in my 13th week and people are already noticing the bump. Yes, I am proud that I'm pregnant but I'm just scared that I'm putting on too much weight. I kept telling Iskandar about it and of course he's my husband and he'd tell me that it looks normal and it's not big. But hmmm, I don't know. I just feel HUGE!

Have any of you got a picture of a 3rd month pregnancy? I've been googling but of course the "mat sallehs" have bigger body frame than Asians, so their bump looks bigger than mine. Sometimes when I goggle the picture I see that their bump is as big as mine, THAT'S NOT GOOD! A colleague of mine gave birth to a baby boy which weigh 4kg! I think that's BIG!

Any kind people out there that would like to share baby bumps with me to make me feel at ease? I would really appreciate your replies!

Ps: It doesn't help that my next appointment with my Midwife is when I'm 20 weeks pregnant!!!!! That's just a long wait!!

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