Monday, December 15, 2008

The day we turned ONE!!!!

We are 1 year old today!


And baby's healthily growing in my tummy while we celebrate our love for each other.

I love you Iskandar and you know the rest of it It's been 365 (minus the 7 days u had to wait for your Visa to be approved) days with your love and touch. We have never slept in a separate bed/duvet. Even when we are stuck in a single bedded room, you'd still prefer sleeping on the same bed and in the same duvet with me even though it's very uncomfrtable for you. I love how you try really hard to become a really good husband. The one that would satisfy his wife first before himself. And you obviously know that I will always do the same for you (if I larat, kan?). I cherish all the time we spent together and also the time when you waited with me outside the toilet to find out whether I'm pregnant or not, the DRs visit that you'd never fail to come with me. Above all, I secretly love how you clasp my hand and hug me to sleep. You'd always make sure that you are always close to me and if I start moving about while sleeping you'll grab me straight away and soothe me back to sleep. Sayang, I love you and no words could ever describe my love for you.

Ps: Baby says he/she loves you too! And baby also loves it when you communicate with him/her through Mummy's tummy!

Lots and lots of love, hugs & kisses,

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