Monday, December 22, 2008

The things that can make me *wekkk*

I found out that the only thing that could make me *vomit* is anything that's sour. For instance assam boi, lemon, lime.. you get the point here right? hehe Like I said before, I did not go through the most talked about "morning sickness" whereby you'll throw up first thing in the morning and if you're very unlucky, it could continue throughout the day!

At 14 weeks pregnant, Alhamdulillah I've only vomitted TWICE! The first was when I was at KLIA. Just before passing through the custom desk I threw up like nobody's business. I saw everything that I ate that whole day!!!! Not a nice view. It's even worse that our journey was 14 hours long!!!!! Well, the reason I threw up on that day was because my tummy was upset and everyone said to have Assam Boi as it'll soothe my nauseos. So I did. Approximately 10 minutes after that my throat just gave way and I couldn't even get to the nearest toilet! So from then on I know not to eat anymore Assam Boi.

Past few days I've been down with terrible cough + cold. Iskandar made Honey & Lemon drink as being pregnant there's limited medication I can consume. Straight after I had that glass of drink I went straight to the sink and vomitted it all out!!!!!! So, then I know that baby hates "masam" things. Then later on I only drank warm Honey drink.

Above all, I'm still down with terrible cold and all I want now is to pop at least 1 antihistamine!!!!!!!

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