Friday, December 05, 2008

The day I had my first craving......

First crave: SUSHI!!!!!!!

Ooooh my god, why of all food the food that I'm not allowed to eat is the food that I'm craving the most! But lucky me, I don't believe in cravings, so whatever you feed me, I'd gladly eat. :) Mummy keep reminding me to eat when I'm hungry and don't over eat. She also said that I don't need to eat for "two" because my baby is taken care by the Angels (so he/she have all the nutrients). All I have to do is read the Holy Quran to soothe the baby and even to help baby feel at peace. I think that's the best advise I've got from anyone. Most peple would be asking me to eat as much as I can because I'm pregnant! I mean seriously, at this point I don't think I should because the baby is only pear-sized. If I were to overeat, it'll nly jeopradise my health because I'm tiny. So, I'm still having my meals as normal. Sometimes I even skip my meal because I'm too tired to eat. Alhamdulillah everything's still well in there. To you Mom-to-be out there, make sure you take this advise as not to eat so much as it'll only make u fat & worse, takes forever for you to lose the baby weight.

Anyway, I'm kinda hungry now, so I better get something to eat.hehehe And yeah, it's dinner time for me now. :p

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