Thursday, January 21, 2010

7 months!

Khairaldin turned 7 months a few days back. I don't really update his milestones because I just don't. :) But Alhamdulillah, so far so good. He's rather up-to-date with the so called milestone. Yeah, I believe each and every baby progresses at their own pace that's why I don't bother jotting down. Hehehe

Anyway, after 7 months, my baby's hair is still so short!!! I shaved it off when he was 10 days old and trimmed it ONCE when he was about 3 months. Until today, his hair is still short :( I know he's not a girl but I still wanna style it. Hahaha

I'm uploading his latest picture but don't know where it will appear, top, bottom, left or right. That's his latest hairstyle. Too short right? I've constantly applied olive oil but still nothing much. Oh well. I guess he's got my type of hair which grows 1 inch every 3 months. Hehehe Unlike the Abah's hair which grows ever so fast!

Ok just wanted to update on that. Hehehe any tips to make his hair grow? ;-) but I don't want it to be girly type of long.

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