Saturday, January 23, 2010

Name: Raja Khalid Khairaldin

So, how did we come about with this name? Our deal for this first pregnancy was that I choose a girl's name and Iskandar choose a boy's name. It all worked out well because I am so lousy at giving boy's name and vice versa with Iskandar. On my 4th month pregnancy we kinda have a name in mind. At least, I stayed with my name since forever. Hehehe Iskandar on the other hand couldn't decide on a name. He's always wanted the name 'Khalid' but since it only means 'eternal' we thought it was rather boring and meaningless. So we looked for names on the internet, I think the website was called or sum'n like that. While browsing, somehow the name 'Khair Al Din' was staring at us in the face and we kinda fell in love with the name instantly. 'Khair Al Din' means 'Goodness to The Religion/Faith'. Gramatically, it's supposed to be Khairuddin if we wanted to join the name together. But I don't really like the sound of it. So that's why we ended up with Khairaldin which technically when u spell it in Arabic you'll still end up with Khairaldin. In the end of the day it's all the same meaning.

I get a li'l bit arsey when people spell either my name or Iskandar or my baby's name wrong. For instance, Eva (I hate it when people spell it this way on Facebook when clearly my screen name is with an 'I'!) or Syazwan (the correct spelling is sHazwan) or Khaleed Khairaldeen. I mean if we wanted to spell his name that way we'd have gone with it. No doubt the pronounciation is so but I just hate it when people spell it that way. I mean, what gives them the right to alter the spelling we had chosen! Ggrrrr! Oh yeah another one of my pet peeves is when he's nicknamed 'KK'! It's ok if you use it when texting because it takes a lot of characters. But otherwise, it's a big no-no!! :)

We've always wanted people to use both of Khairaldin's name. I find it a waste naming your child with a few names but end up not using it. My baby boy is known as Khairaldin amongst immediate family & close Malaysian friends. Whereas some of my other relatives have difficulty to pronounce Khairaldin so they end up calling him Khalid, which is his first name in the UK. I'm kinda proud that we managed to make everyone use all of his name. Iskandar and I both have long names but I bet only the closed one knows our full name. It's nice to sometimes hear people call him Khalid because we rarely call him that. Although Iskandar tend to call him Khalid Khairaldin, almost all the time.

For my future pregnancy, we've decided that I look for a boy's name and Iskandar a girl's name. I've got a feeling Iskandar will hijack the name I've chosen before. Hehehe But I think, it does make a difference in choosing the name with every pregnancy. When Khairaldin was in the tummy, Iskandar always talked to him and asked "are you Baby Khalid Khairaldin or Baby **** *****?" Somehow he'd twitch whenever we say Khalid Khairaldin. Since we didn't scan, we kept asking that Q all the time. Heheheh But with mother's instinct I kinda knew it was gonna be a boy. Between you and me, I actually begged Allah for a baby Boy! Heheheh Alhamdulillah my do'a was granted :)

So, how did you choose your baby's name?
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glam.mama said...

I had Aqil's name in mind since I was in school! I've just always loved that name. Then we searched for his second name online and fell in love with Arfan.
Aqil: Intelligent
Arfan: Grateful

Afraz' name was decided upon a whole week after he was born *LOL* We could never settle on a name during the pregnancy. When we saw the names online, it just suited him.
Afraz: Tough like a mountain (teguh)
Alman: Kind, willing and wise man

I don't know if its a sign or not, but I've never been able to come up with a girl's name.

juliajohan said...

hi, iva! I basically wanted a name that was simple uncomplicated yet meaningful.

I get what u mean about ppl not using the whole of my pet peeves too. I definitely did not want to put a nice well thought out name and have ppl start calling her shasha or somethin like that (no offence to the shashas out there!)
In the end we chose Nur Fatihah..though some ppl hv called her Fattyhah cos she's chubby! Blergh!