Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Royally spoiled + Royally loved = Khalid Khairaldin

It's unreal how spoiled Khairaldin is when he's with the grandparents. I am glad though that he's got that extra TLC from someone other than his own parents. Personally, without my parents around I think I'd spoil my baby to an extreme! Heheh I am so glad that they are around so that I know how to 'limit' myself. But parents' love is nothing compared to anyone else's.

This is Khairaldin's everyday routine:
9am - wake up, roll about with us on the bed
10am - wash up, ready for breakfast (before that Mommy's milkybar)
11am - naptime in Nana & Daddytok's room
12+pm - playtime with grandparents
1pm - lunch time
2pm - naptime with Daddytok (coz Nana will be busy watching Hallmark movies)
4pm - Milkybar + cousin time
5pm - hangout with Us
7pm - Dinner time
8pm - Nana & Daddytok time, eat junk foods, sometime he naps till about 930pm
10pm - ready for bedtime, talk with his Elephant mobile
11pm - finally in lala land
6am - Milkybar time

And the cycle goes on..... This is mainly on his good days (days he's not ill).

Somehow my parents love to sleep with him. Khairaldin is such a good sleeper. Putting him to sleep is so much easier than changing his diaper! Seriously. He'd scream and shout when I wanna change his diaper because that's the time he wants to roll around the bed. Whereas when he's sleepy, you can just put him on the bed and he'll suck his thumb and within 5 minutes he's asleep. Wonders!

So far I've left him with my parents for a maximum of 3 hours and he slept through and through. Once I get in the house, he'll be wide awake. It's like he can smell me. My baby's a champion when it comes to sleeping. Hehehe I don't know if this is because I used to sleep A LOT when carrying him! Haha

On a serious note, it is so easy to look after Khairaldin. I've never stocked on EBM even when I'm going out because he's punctual with his drinking time and if I'm not around he can sleep. But if I am the one putting him to sleep in the afternoon, he only naps for 1/2 an hour. I think he knows when an elderly is looking after him so he doesn't wanna be a nuisance. Heheh

My parents, especially my dad, loves baby around this age. He loves putting babies to sleep and he's really proud of it when babies sleep on him. He could go on and on telling us how "he wanted to sleep with me instead of with Mom". I guess it's a male thing. I don't find amusement on these things anymore because I've come to known his routine. My Mom's told me before I was pregnant that she doesn't mind looking after babies (read: 0- 9months hehe) but once they start crawling, she's not gonna bother 'running' after them. Hehehe Well they are 57 years old. :) So for now, I let them play, cuddle and spoil Khairaldin as much as they can. Once he gets to the very rough & tough stage, I think I can't let him alone with the grandparents. By then my parents will be the fragile one. Hehehe

One thing for sure, I love how my parents will come knocking on my door to check whether Khairaldin's ready to 'come out & play'. It's just too sweet!!! Even when he's still asleep, he'd instantly wake up and give a very wide smile to my parents letting them know he's awake. :) I love Khairaldin so much!!!!!!!! He's such a people pleaser, no doubt.

Even though this li'l chap is all lovely and cuddly, my mom still find it disgusting when he vomits his milk out. Hahaha It makes me laugh everytime! Mom's just disgusted of vomits, thank god I didn't suffer from morning sickness otherwise I can see her screaming and shouting at me. Yes, she gets really disgusted!

Above all, I love that my parents can be part of Khairaldin's life. It's just amazing how they can love a being who's not even theirs. It makes me realise how much my parents have showered their love for all 7 of us. Priceless! I could never repay their love but I guess looking after them and being by their side as they get older is the best that I can do for them. And I pray everyday that I could be by their side till their very last breath, Insha'Allah. Amin. :)
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